Jingle: Macho Man (for 2 Gars 1 fille) (Botrax & Q3)

time August 25th by Botrax

Macho Man imitation by Botrax, publicity jingle for now defunct 2 Gars 1 fille radio show on http://www.RadioH2o.ca

Montage by Q3

2 Gars 1 fille show archive


DOWNLOAD: MP3 – Macho Man

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/botrax/jingle-macho-man-for-2g1f

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Jingle: Botrax & Bevis listen to BDO Radio (for BDO Radio)

time February 4th by Botrax

Jingle I created in 2011 for BDO Radio.

The gag is to show that BDO Radio is more powerful than the Grammy’s, because I listened to BDO Radio live instead of the Grammy’s

Bevis was a firefighter fighting the huge fires in Australia. After 3 days of not sleeping while fighting fires, he took time to sit down and listen to BDO Radio before going back out.

BDO Radio is powerful.   http://www.bdoradio.com/

Music:  Red Alert 3 – 44 – Hell March 2 – From First to Last Remix


DOWNLOAD: MP3 – Botrax & Bevis listen to BDO Radio

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/botrax/botrax-bdo-radio-promo-jingle

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