BotCast #58 – Automatisation des voitures et des emplois

time February 18th by Botrax

Automatisation des voitures et des emplois, et la tuerie de la semaine. (17 février 2018) 1h26m

Les bizarreries de la tuerie en Floride, Vegas, et Sandy Hook.

Terror Attacks and Drills: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

(20m11s) Premier Féfministre braille encore.
(23m47s) Tastovul
(27m55s) Chemin Camilien-Houde sera fermé, et la voiture est l’ennemie.
(31m10s) Voitures automatisées.

(39m05s) Promo service internet Le BotCast with Cheese.
(39m48s) Promo Feu de l’Esprit.
(41m17s) Promo La Coche
(41m39s) Comedy – Armed thieves promoting gun bans.
(44m11s) Comment contacter Le BotCast with Cheese.

(45m02) Automatisation et perte d’emplois.
(1h4m5s) Système de crédit en Chine pour qualifier les gens crédibles.
(1h8m35s) Travailleurs Indous incompétents.
(1h12m11s) Justice Sociale autour de Black Panther.
(1h14m03) Salaire de base annuel et le sens de l’utilité dans une passion.
(1h20m46s) Merci Eugénie Bouchard.
(1h21m21s) Les feministes et les PitGirls.

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TiteBot #38 – Formation prévention de harcèlement et discrimination au travail

time December 27th by Botrax

Lecture audio d’une formation en ligne sur la prévention du harcèlement et de la discrimination au travail. (20 décembre 2017) 1h9m

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BotCast #57 – Invasion Europe

time December 10th by Botrax

Examination des problèmes causés par les migrations de masse en Europe. (2h6m) 6 décembre 2017

L’émission #173 du Super Matozoïde où je présente ma chronique sur les problèmes de migrations en Suède, à 1h23m45s.
Le Super Matozoïde – S6#173 – Cry Baby Trudeau – 7 décembre 2017


Sweden: Migrant Who Participated in 20-Man Gang Rape of Woman Tells Police it Was “Fun”

The Truth About Sweden

Armed Police to Escort Joggers in Swedish City for Protection

Sexual Assaults At Highest Ever Level In Sweden, New Figures Reveal

Video: Swedish Minister Refuses To Mark Ethnicity Of Rapists, Reports State 90% Are Migrants




Immigrants Commit 84 Percent Of All Rape In Sweden—Migrants Commit Two-Thirds

Swedish dental hygienist was fired for reporting 80% of child migrants are adults

Invasion! How Sweden Became the Rape Capital of the West

Sweden Facing New Challenges as Acid Throwing Plague Reaches Scandinavia

Sweden Legalizes Child Marriages For Immigrants

Syrian man with three wives got three homes – elderly Swede referred to the street… expect more of the same – or worse.

Swedish Documentary On Failed Immigration

‘Rape, robberies & murder: Swedish police lack resources to combat migrant crime wave’

EU orders Sweden to shut down border checks

Crackdown on Hate Speech in Europe: All Swedish Anti-Mass Migration Podcasts Taken Down by Soundcloud for ‘Hate Speech’; German Government Bans Alt-Left Website

Sweden to close 70 police stations due to rising threat of islam!



Poland refuses to take its EU immigrant quota. Germany threatens to fine Poland $75 million. Poland responds by demanding $1 trillion in WW2 reparations from Germany. Where were you when we entered the age of shitposting foreign policy?



Germany: Reading out news about migrants is now seen as a crime by the left

Six Members of ISIS Cell Planning Possible Christmas Market Attack Arrested in Terror Raids

Germany: 200 churches damaged and Christian symbols destroyed in Bavaria region

Top Greens politician says Germany would be boring without Islam, uses Yazidis fleeing Islam in campaign poster…….

German court jails Syrian refugee over UN kidnapping

Merkel Defends Open Borders Migrant Policy After Election Shock

Almost Half of Crimes in Berlin Committed by Migrants

Acute Flaccid Paralysis Outbreak In Germany

Proof Muslims Brought Tick Borne Relapsing Fever& Malaria Co-Infection To Germany

Migrant Rape Attacks Up 91 Per Cent in Bavaria This Year

Germany’s AfD Leader Slams Migration Policy After Brutal Rape

Germany: Police Tell Women Not To Run Alone After Migrant Rapes Jogger In Park

Criticizing Islam Now A Hate Crime In Germany

Video: ‘Out Of The Question’: Proposed Introduction Of Muslim Holidays Meets Furious Backlash In Germany



Report: Schools Must Teach Britain Is an ‘Immigration Nation’ to Fight Islamophobia

Police can’t afford to honour Britain’s war-dead, but makes videos promoting Islam (which is at war with Britain).

UK: Muslim migrant rapist blames his rape on “cultural differences” and “not understanding British law”

UK: Anti-terror watchdog wants ‘naive’ young jihadis to not be prosecuted on their return from ISIS

Illegal Somali immigrant is convicted of killing a man in the street before trying to activate the deportation order he had dodged four years before in the hope he would be flown home


Gangs selling real British passports to migrants for £500: Price drops by £1,500 in a year after 20,000 flood the black market leading to fears ISIS jihadis could find it easier to reach UK

UK Terror Threat Level To Remain ‘Severe’ For Now

ISIS Agent Tried To Recruit BBC Reporter For London Bridge Attack

1 In 5 Unemployed People In Britain Are Migrants – Official Data

British Jihadists Trained By Secretive ISIS Unit To Launch UK Suicide Attacks

Donations from British public funding Islamist extremism, govt report finds

UK has allowed more jihadists to return than anywhere else in Europe



European Union Remains ‘Committed’ To Opening Borders to 75 Million Turkish Citizens as ‘Soon as Possible’

Hordes of Africans Waiting to Flood Europe – Excellent Russian TV Report

‘Stop Operation Soros’ Movements to ban billionaire-funded groups sweep across Europe

Majority of Muslims in West Europe are on welfare

EU Plan to Resettle 50,000 Refugees is ‘Political Message for Old Europe’

Free Muslim Immigration to Europe 1

EU EXPOSED: How Brussels uses YOUR cash to fund people smugglers in £260 MILLION scheme

European Court Orders EU Countries To Take Migrants

EU Court Rules Against Hungary, Slovakia ‘Refugee Resettlement’ Challenge

EU has just weeks to relocate 130 THOUSAND migrants as bloc to fail on ANOTHER pledge

EU Enabling ‘Free Movement Of Terrorists’ – Farage

Bretibart: George Soros wants to flood Europe with mass migration, targets countries and people standing in the way of open borders

‘Time for UN to act’ Italy orders action on migrant crisis after losing patience with EU

SOROS at it again – forcing migration into Europe


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BotCast #56 – Planned Parenthood et Trans-niaiseries

time December 6th by Botrax

Regard sur la mauvaise conception ce ce qu’est Planned Parenthood, et une variété de trans-niaiseries. (1h9m) 12 juin 2017

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  • (52m34s) – Promo Le Feu de L’Esprit
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  • (53m22s) – Promo Le Super Matozoïde

  • (1h1m55s) – Comedy – Molus for erectile disfunction.

  • (1h3m20) – Musique: Elephantism par Reed Richards



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TiteBot #37 – Radio Canada réveille le podcast

time May 31st by Botrax

Commentaires sur la poussée de Radio Canada pour faire connaître les podcasts. (31 mai 2017) 43m

Quelques événements de Radio Canada pour faire connaître le podcast.


-Festival Transistor.

-L’univers intimiste de la baladodiffusion au Québec.

-4 jours de balado.
-Nabi qui fait une émission sur les podcasts.
Magnéto : la passion du son d’ici


Pourquoi? C’est quoi la motivation? Promouvoir leurs propriétés ou discréditer les podcasts indépendants?


Pourquoi ne pas approcher  les gens impliqués dans le domaine du podcast?

-Yan thériault.

-Dan Massicote.

-Alexis Cornellier.

-Sylvain GrandMaison.

-Maxime Duclos de Parlons Balado.


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BotCast #55 – ElecTrump

time November 18th by Botrax

Examination de l’élection de Trump, les aspects non couverts par les médias. (12 novembre 2016) 3h23

Bob Goyetche
Crowd funding Bob
Goyetche, Robert (1969-2016)
It’s with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Robert (Bob) Goyetche on November 10, 2016 at the age of forty-seven. Beloved husband of Cathy Bobkowicz. Devoted father
of Simon. He will be sadly missed by his mother Lisette Plourde (late George Goyetche), his sister Marie-Helen (Dan Waight) , his nephews Alex, Max, Aidan and his niece Chelsy as well
as many relatives, friends, podcasters and Hams.
The family will receive condolences at Complexe Funéraire Guay, 146 Saint-Louis in Saint-Eustache, Tel: 514-871-2020,, on Friday, November 18, 2016 from 7 to 9
p.m. and Saturday, November 19 from 3 to 5 p.m. and 6 to 7 p.m. Funeral service will be held on Saturday, November 19 at 7 p.m. in the funeral home chapel. In lieu of flowers,
donations will go to a trust fund for our son Simon’s university education.

H2o Show, spécial élections américaines 8 novembre 2016

Botrax à l’émission Le SuperMatozoïde

Bill Burr about moving to Canada


‘You Have No Place Here’ – Grubhub CEO Demands Pro-Trump Employees Resign

Butt-Hurt Crying Hillary Voters Compilation

The 2016 electoral map (broken down by County) that the mainstream media don’t really want you to see. Meanwhile, Clinton is claiming she got more than 50% of the vote…

Vladimir Putin: George Soros Is Wanted “Dead Or Alive”

Journalists list colluding with Clinton

CNN Admits to Being “the Biggest Ones Promoting” Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

CNN outs its own cameraman during Trump protest


Patrice Roy annonce la victoire de Clinton en octobre avec Rafael Jacob

The Electoral College Still Makes Sense Because We’re Not A Democracy

Hungarian PM Orban hails Trump’s victory as ‘great news’… Philippines’ Duterte congratulates, wants to work together… Le Pen’s regards… Putin sends telegram

The Truth About the Trump Protests

President Trump: How & Why…  Jonathan Pie

Ann Coulter: President Trump’s First 100 Days

Brother of Clinton’s Campaign Chair is an Active Foreign Agent on the Saudi Arabian Payroll

Trump saw on 9/11/2001: bombs were used in WTC

Here is Donald Trump’s plan for his first 100 days


Oyvey Ozzberg: “Liberal Tears”

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Le BotCast #54 – Killary Trump Johnson

time August 16th by Botrax

Présidentielle américaine: La criminelle Killary Clinton, le malentendu Donald Trump et les bonnes propositions de Gary Johnson. À travers notre examination des candidats américains pour être le chef des veaux, on discute des Olympiques, double-standards sexistes, bail-in, jugement contre la GRC, le petit Jérémy, et immigration/émigration québécoise. (2h59) 13 Août 2016


Musique : “We the people” de Sons of Liberty,
Musique fin: “Elimination II”, Lizard King,


BotCast #54
13 Août 2016

-Double Standard, sexisme. (Video du Tonga)

Huffington Post diversity team

-Ouverture satanique d’un Tunnel suisse

-Disparaitre la mention des produits du Québec, nourriture. André Mousseau, Pierre Paradis

« Produit du Québec » – Le ministre Paradis réintroduira l’obligation d’identifier les fruits et légumes frais

Reality Check: Why Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are not “Wasted Votes”

-Image des pauvres qui regardent les jeux de leur trou
-Éteindre la torche olympique
-Vieilles installations olympiques délâbrés.
-Olympiques déficitaires (privé)
-Bail-in Canadien, budget, Cyprus bail-in.
-Trudeau coupe la science.

-Jugement contre la GRC, couple terroriste

-Venezuella, Socialisme.
-Croix Rouge, 6 maison Haïti. 2010, 500 millions. (Figaro) 33 millions sur place

(MP3) TestDummy à RadioShockLive – Anick et Sombry relatent leur expérience du séisme en Haïti (26 février 2010)

(MP3) TestDummy à RadioShockLive – Anick et Sombry relatent leur expérience du séisme en Haïti (26 février 2010)

-Journal de Mourréal

-Petit Jérémy

-CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Media Has Given Hillary Clinton a ‘Free Ride’
-Voting for woman president, sexist.
-PowerCorp Clinton, Lafarge, cash a EI
-US exportateur d’armes, Saoudi 1.6billion
-Clinton Radiée du Barreau

-Clinton Cash movie (find link)

-Clinton body count  . 6 avril, 6 personnes en 2016. John Ashe, Seth Rich, Victor Thorn. Shawn Lucas. Jon Jones droits humains pour Wikileaks.

-Pardon list of Bill Clinton
-Seth Rich, DNC email leak to Wikileaks

Julian Assange accuse Hillary Clinton d’avoir fourni des armes aux djihadistes syriens

La Fondation Clinton, l’arme anti-Hillary des républicains

The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior

Washington vend à Riyad pour 1,15 milliard $ d’armes

Barbell accident kills former UN leader accused of corruption

-Hydro Québec, tarifs
-Immigration Québec, 13’000 quittent au Canada
-Concealed gun is good, Video of inmates
-Fast & Furious. Fusillade à Paris. (FDE tirades).
-Bane, drogues are bad. SSRI
-Bordeau surpopulation, 70% pour crimes sans victimes
-Colorado légalisation marijuana
-Légumes pas beaux
-Grosse planète
-Propos non-parlementaires. Syndrôme Gérald Tremblay
-Norm McMillan, réengagé dans Couillard, pour communications. (extrait)

-Foundation. Tax returns.
96% of Clinton’s Charitable Donations Went to Clinton Family Foundation
-Santé Killary, handler avec aiguille. Crises. Huma Abedin dit qu’elle est perdue. Le gars des drogues VIH
-Indiscrétions de Bill et la démonisation de Hillary
-Égalité des payes des femmes. Pas dans son bureau
-DNC primaries rigging. Bernie devait être là.
-Lynch plane meeting at airport with Bill, then Comy suggests no charges be brought.
-Serveur email illégal.
-Bernie Sanders démonise Hillary, pour ensuite la supporter. Il ne veut pas mourrir
-Bernie Sanders, Socialiste. Anti-libertarien, distribuer par la force

-Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

-Raciste contre mexicains, violeurs. Backed par FBI.
-raciste contre musulmans. Tactique de guerre
-Ego. Alpha male.
-Faillites. Pas lui, mais différentes compagnies
-Contradictions sur Clinton
-Avoue en débats qu’il payait tous les candidatas sur la scène pour des faveurs.
-10 ans d’audits IRS
-Veterans Affair
-Programmation linguistique, Scott Adams (Dilbert)
-Plan réforme de taxes
-Dénonce les médias dans leur complicité avec le système
-Guerre, rapatrier les troupes, mais renforcir la défense

Gary Johnson
-Fair tax 28%, défaire IRS. Example de la bouteille de coke
-Éliminer les taxes corporatives. Éliminer les lobbyistes
-Prisons privées moins chères que prisons de l’état. Argument d’expansion.
-Réduction de son gouvernement de 1200
-Contre la guerre aux drogues
-Term limits, pas juste le président
-No donor limits, but transparent
-Reduce government influence on daily life
-Rapatrier plans médicaux au niveau de l’État, pas le fédéral.
-Prisons Unions, fighting for jobs

Gary Johnson
Joe Rogan Experience #801 – Gary Johnson

Le BotCast #54 sur


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Le BotCast #53 – Réforme des associations étudiantes

time April 18th by Botrax

Nous discutons du registre d’armes à feu Québécois, une réforme des associations étudiantes, et la banque du Canada. (18 avril 2015) 2h42m

Musique : “Freaks from within” de Frank Klepacki,
Musique fin: “Little Man”, Elwood,



-Un Boeing «R2-D2» aux couleurs de Star Wars dévoilé

-Rescuing America’s Inner Cities? Detroit and the Perils of Private Policing

-Dale Brown of Detroit-based Threat Management Center is On-Point

-Self-Defense Business Booming In Detroit

-Manifester inutilement devant le rideau

-Dimanche 26 avril, conférence à l’UQAM  DS-R510. Le peuple vs banque du canada.

Guy nantel à la manifestatoin étudiante


Ann Emmett explique la Banque du Canada

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