Music: Post Holocaust (version 2)

time July 29th by Botrax

Post Holocaust (version 2)

By Botrax (Formerly Dragonite)
Version 1 made in 1994 with Scream Tracker,
Version 2 is a resampled version done in 1998 with Impulse Tracker
12 channels
4 samples (all from Gravis Ultrasound MIDI PATch files)

My second tune with Scream Tracker/Impulse Tracker. First one is lost somewhere.

DOWNLOAD – MP3  – Post-Holocaust (v2) Stereo – Botrax (16-bits 48khz 320kpbs)
DOWNLOAD – FLAC – Post Holocaust (v2) Stereo -Botrax – (24-bits 192khz)
DOWNLOAD – FLAC – Post Holocaust (v2) Surround – Botrax (24-bits 192khz)


BANDCAMP: Post Holocaust (v2)

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