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time January 10th by Botrax

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FuckingTech show #4 – The Palm Treo 680 is not made for Asians. Palm does not want this market

time January 3rd by Botrax

Reading of the article “The Palm Treo 680 is not made for Asians. Palm does not want this market”, and playback of Sovryn’s rant on shitty BluRay software. (January 3rd 2018)

-Fucking Tech is Google Play Approved – not as stingy as iTunes!

-The Palm Treo 680 is not made for Asians. Palm does not want this market. (March 23rd 2008)

-Sovryn Rant about shitty BlueRay software. From Sovryn Tech show #254 at 51 minute mark.
Sovryn Tech Ep. 0254: “Injustice League”



Different is good when it’s better.
Grab any cell phone from LG, Samsung or Motorola, you will most likely find a hole or ring to attach a small wrist strap or lanyard. This wrist strap makes it easy to grab the phone out of it’s hiding place and can also be used to prevent an inadvertent drop of your phone while using it. Palm, in their grandiose wisdom decided that wrist strap rings are not to be part of the Treo 680, when all other phones around the world have had these rings for years.


Palm hates Asians.
Palm must hate Asians by not including a wrist strap ring on the Treo 680. Palm is missing out on the complete lanyard/wrist strap accessory market for Treos in the Asian segment. When I show my Treo phone to my Asian friends, they always ask me what color is my wrist lanyard and which Helo Kitty noise charm I have at the end of it. I smack my head with my palm (my hand palm) every time. It makes me feel like an ass and left out every single time. It makes me feel very North-American.


The small guy get’s the protection.
Find the logic in this. Palm Centro is la less expensive device and can accommodate wrist straps. Treo 680 is more expensive and can not have wrist straps. Is Palm telling me that it’s OK to drop a 500$ Treo 680, but adds anti-drop lanyard capability to the less expensive Centro? Is this some kind of racket to extort more money out of people buying more expensive devices? Fuck, I paid 500$ for this phone. I can’t have a simple hole in the casing so I don’t drop my expensive phone with a 2$ wrist strap?


Sony wins.
My Sony TG-50 has a wrist strap ring, it is very handy when using it as a hand held voice recorder. My Sony UX-50 has the BIGGEST wrist strap ring ever seen in any hand held device. With a 1000$ device when it came out in 2003, it’d BETTER have a fucking wrist strap ring! In fact, this ring is reinforced metal that is part of the frame. FUCK!!! Now THAT’s a strap ring! 3 years later Palm gives me fuck all as far as strap rings on my Treo 680. Great. My 150$ digital camera has a lanyard ring. Why can’t my 500$ Treo have one?


I just bought a Treo 680 for my wife. Now she is asking where on her new Treo does she attach her wrist lanyard & Hello Kitty bell charm combo. Fuck.


Don’t worry, Palm, you’re getting off light on this one. I have more rants to rip you some big ones. Just wait for it. I love Palm OS, but Palm devices have bad implementations. Was I spoiled by Sony? No. Palm had plenty of time to implement all this stuff.


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Le Super Matozoïde – S6#176 – Du coq à l’âne avec Botrax – 28 décembre 2017

time December 28th by Botrax




Un show…non-prévu en quatre segments!

  • Introduction avec Botrax sur sa tournée et quelques justifications sur le monde du podcast et des fameuses statistiques de RadioH2O!   (Début: 01:18)
  • Botrax offre des cadeaux de Noël à Mike, jase du #moiaussi et les changements de sexe imposés par les parents dès la naissance!   (Début: 36:14)
  • On se lance sur les fake news et sur le nouveau podcast « Le Big 4 »!   (Début: 1:21:38)
  • Mike gratte son « Gagnant à vie! » et on demande différents Top 5 à Botrax!   (Début: 1:57:37)

Chansons: Christmas In Hollis de Run DMC – Le Temps d’une Dinde de Roland « Hi! Ha! » Tremblay – J’ai Un Bouton sur la Langue de La Bolduc

Durée: 155 minutes

Merci à mes patrons: Stu Pitt (Full Patch)Éric Laforest (Full Patch)Micaël Masse (Full Patch)Mathieu Brisebois (Full Patch)Daniel Labelle (Full Patch)Danny Boivin (Full Patch)Jean-Philippe Rousseau (Prospect)Gabriel Wood (Prospect)Franky Bolduc (Prospect)Rosie McDuff (Prospect)Sébastien Le Couëdic (Prospect)Christian Hamel (Prospect)Karl Daigle (Prospect)Daniel Trépanier (Hang Around)François Bernard (Hang Around)Botrax Diaz (Hang Around)

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TiteBot #38 – Formation prévention de harcèlement et discrimination au travail

time December 27th by Botrax

Lecture audio d’une formation en ligne sur la prévention du harcèlement et de la discrimination au travail. (20 décembre 2017) 1h9m

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La Coche #99 – 24 décembre 2017 – RAS HD with Cheeze

time December 24th by Botrax

Cette semaine, je reçois Botrax et j’en profite pour y aller d’une grosse annonce concernant la suite des choses pour à partir de la 100e épisode.

Je fais un FBI Enquête et une Tweet Chronique et tout ça pour un 2h30 bien tassé comme on les aime.


La Coche, c’est malaaaaaade!

FBI de la Maison Feu Bum Intello.
Président-Directeur-général et Membre Honoraire à vie du CRBO,
Éditeur-en-chef de,
CEO de la Bum Coalition,
The Spin Slayer,
Monsieur Concept,
La Voix des Anonymes/The Voice of the Voiceless,
The Broka of chains,
Mister One Take,
The Blind Healer
The SOB – Son of a Beauceronne
The Creator of the Sound of Madness
The Rule Breaker, Risk Taker,
The Game Changer, Can-Am Warrior
The Quiet Revolutionner
And your Natural Spin Killaaaaaaaaa.

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FuckingTech Show #3 – GoldenTree’s crippled, slow & unencrypted hotel wireless

time December 15th by Botrax

GoldenTree’s crippled, slow & unencrypted hotel wireless (December 14th 2017) 35 minutes.

-Listed on BaladoQuebec while I was recording Show #2
-Rejected by iTunes Podcast Directory
-Internet service is real
-Shout to other web sites on main page.
-Where I come from when looking at tech. QA and powe ruser perspective with a touch of hacker.

GoldenTree’s crippled, slow & unencrypted hotel wireless


Voter registration websites make some records vulnerable

Hotels seem to have replaced ethernet internet with wireless, as it probably saves money on cabling costs, which is OK. The problems I have with this is that so far I have had slow, crippled, unencrypted and ask for passwords for no reason and they have all been provided by GoldenTree.

Login password?

Before you can do anything with your wireless connection you need to log in with a password that is the area code and your room number. This is stupid and useless. Residence Inn does not do this, it only asks you to agree to the terms of service, which does not bother with useless garbage.

Unencrypted? Are you fucking kidding me?

Wireless connections that have seen so far in hotels do not even use WEP or WPA encryption.I have seen this at Holiday Inn ( ) , Marriott Residence Inn  and Marriot Fairfield Inn.

Not only is Goldentree ( ) doing a bad implementation, but hotels don’t seen to give a shit about guests that are staying for business purposes. Some business users will have VPN access, but some corporate VPN access limits tremendously what is possible to do on that connection. The idea is that we HAVE to use the wireless connection without our personal VPN sometimes. When that happens and the connection is not encrypted, that pisses me off because anyone can sniff around and see what everybody in the hotel is doing on their wireless connection.

By the way, has been created entirely over a wireless GoldenTree connection in a hotel. This is scary because all operations have been done over unencrypted wireless for everyone to see, from the domain registration, unencrypted FTP transfers (because SSL FTP never works) and unencrypted back end administration of the article system. Anyone listening over the wireless connection could have hijacked before it was even started. This inaugural article could have been hijacked!

I don’t mind if anyone grabs the nude celeb pics that I download, but I start minding when I work and an encrypted connection for that type of work is not available.

Unencrypted hotel wireless is risky and it should stop.

Slow “High Speed” connections

Now on to the speed. Goldentree is horrendously slow on Friday and Saturday evenings. Yo dudes! We need more bandwidth over here!!!! I am talking to you, Marriott, Holiday Inn and GoldenTree! When this shit goes on every god damned week-end from November to March, YOU HAVE A FUCKING PROBLEM with your unencrypted, crippled and slow ass connection.

Slow “High speed” connections are terrible and it has to stop.


GoldenTree also limits the POST sizes that are over 25k. Fantastic. That is just retarded when you are trying to upload files to any HTTP content system such as

GoldenTree, you provide slow, crippling and unencrypted wireless connections to hotel customers. You have some work to do.

What burns me is that it seems all hotels use GoldenTree over here in Oklahoma City, which limits your options to attain some sort of satisfaction from your wireless connection provided to you.

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