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time January 10th by Botrax

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Fucking Tech Show #6 – Desjardins freezes debit card while traveling

time February 18th by Botrax

Desjardins freezes debit card while traveling – (February 17th 2018) 15m

Bullshit seen online:

Identical twins denied driving licence after baffling facial recognition computer system

blown the bloody doors off Car explodes in B&Q car park after driver lit a cigarette which ignited fumes from an air freshener

I knew I was traveling soon and decided to call the bank to make sure they would not freeze the debit card, as they often do with credit cards. Here is the essence of the discussion over the phone:

-Me: I am calling to give notice that i will be traveling with my debit card, as to not freeze it while i am abroad.
-Desjardins : No need to notify us when traveling with debit card.
-Me: Oh! Fantastic!

I use Desjardins debit card abroad. Card gets frozen. Cannot use card again when needed for an emergency. It’s likely some algorithm somewhere like those used for credit cards.

It’s truly fucking amazing that you take the time to indicate that transactions may appear suspicious, but they are not , because you will be the one using it.

What do we learn here? Don’t trust bank technology, and make sure you have backup methods to have money on hand. Fucking banks.

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BotCast #58 – Automatisation des voitures et des emplois

time February 18th by Botrax

Automatisation des voitures et des emplois, et la tuerie de la semaine. (17 février 2018) 1h26m

Les bizarreries de la tuerie en Floride, Vegas, et Sandy Hook.

Terror Attacks and Drills: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

(20m11s) Premier Féfministre braille encore.
(23m47s) Tastovul
(27m55s) Chemin Camilien-Houde sera fermé, et la voiture est l’ennemie.
(31m10s) Voitures automatisées.

(39m05s) Promo service internet Le BotCast with Cheese.
(39m48s) Promo Feu de l’Esprit.
(41m17s) Promo La Coche
(41m39s) Comedy – Armed thieves promoting gun bans.
(44m11s) Comment contacter Le BotCast with Cheese.

(45m02) Automatisation et perte d’emplois.
(1h4m5s) Système de crédit en Chine pour qualifier les gens crédibles.
(1h8m35s) Travailleurs Indous incompétents.
(1h12m11s) Justice Sociale autour de Black Panther.
(1h14m03) Salaire de base annuel et le sens de l’utilité dans une passion.
(1h20m46s) Merci Eugénie Bouchard.
(1h21m21s) Les feministes et les PitGirls.

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Feu de l’Esprit #29 – Boussole Morale

time February 18th by Botrax

La boussole morale des gens est déréglée. (17 février 2018) 1h13m

Giving up on moral & ethical values ‘more dangerous than nuclear bomb’ – Putin

Le Super Matozoïde – S6#180 – ASSUME! – 1e février 2018

(47m43s) Vaccins: un nombre alarmant d’études scientifiques mettent actuellement en lumière des dangers sur la santé!

(53m47) Over 5,000 elementary school kids suspended in Toronto for out-of-date immunization records

(55m49s) Les vaccins antigrippaux tuent les seniors, prévient une étude

Feu de l’Esprit #29 sur

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Parlons Balado 33-45

time February 14th by Botrax

Cette semaine nous recevons Pierre-Luc Delisle du podcast 33-45 un podcast musical ou l’animateur vous fait découvrir de la musique issue de sa collection prive.!/le-33-45

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Le Super Matozoïde – S6#180 – ASSUME! – 1e février 2018

time February 1st by Botrax




Un show qui s’assume!

  • Introduction sur ma fin de semaine et de la 100e de La Coche!
  • Je n’y comprends rien: Le dossier Jacques Languirand et de sa fille!   (Début: 09:30)
  • On analyse les forces en présence pour le prochain Super Bowl avec SIMON BUSSIÈRES!   (Début: 25:21)
  • Édito du Mato: Jeff Fillion sur le flop d’Alexandre  Taillefer et de ses Téo Taxis!   (Début: 1:01:13)
  • Chronique avec BOTRAX sur le silence des médias à propos des pédophiles!   (Début: 1:21:29)
  • Les nouvelles avec PS GAUTHIER!   (Début: 1:57:02)
  • Les Petites Vites: Cellulaire à l’école, Tide Pods, congédiement d’André Arthur, etc.   (Début: 2:23:05)

Chansons: When did you get back from Mars? de I Mother Earth & L’an 2000 de Joel Martel.

Durée: 160 minutes

Merci à mes patrons: Stu Pitt (Full Patch)Éric Laforest (Full Patch)Micaël Masse (Full Patch)Mathieu Brisebois (Full Patch)Daniel Labelle (Full Patch)Danny Boivin (Full Patch)Jérémie Rivard (Prospect)Jean-Philippe Rousseau (Prospect)Franky Bolduc (Prospect)Rosie McDuff (Prospect)Sébastien Le Couëdic (Prospect)Christian Hamel (Prospect)Karl Daigle (Prospect)Gabriel Wood (Prospect)Daniel Trépanier (Hang Around)François Bernard (Hang Around)Botrax Diaz (Hang Around)

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Fucking Tech Show #5 – Creative’s terrible Vista drivers

time January 31st by Botrax

Reading of the article “Creative’s terrible Vista drivers”, a random jingle, melting cameras down Google Drive goes down! Oh noes! (January 30th 2018) 22m55s

Creative’s terrible Vista drivers –

Behold the cameras destroyed by the solar eclipse –

Google Drive down in parts of US –

I have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS that has worked pretty good with Windows XP. Now it seems this sound card is doomed to die with XP.


Creative’s limp into the future
Now I have a 64-bit processor and I am ready to upgrade to Windows Vista 64-bit, you know, leaping into the technology of the future and leaving 32-bit to rot in the past.

There is only one problem; my Audigy 2 sound card does not have drivers for Vista that enable the same functionality that I have in XP, namely EAX HD. You know, it would be nice to run my new quad core baby and it’s 8800GT with some hot EAX HD sound. Well, Creative doesn’t think so. Creative does not consider Audigy 2 to be good enough for Vista.

When looking for Vista 64-bit drivers for Audigy 2, here is what I find:

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Driver 2.12.0002 (38.30 MB) 16 Mar 07

Wow. No driver updates in over a YEAR, dude! Vista has been available for Creative in Beta release for them to update their drivers to work with Vista since 2005-2006.

But wait! That’s not all! Not only are there no new drivers in over a year, they are crippled and do not have hot EAX HD, as mentioned by the release notes from over a year ago:

Known issues:

* Applications from the original Sound Blaster Audigy CD will not work with this download.
* Users are advised to use Audio Console included in this download to change speaker configurations.
* This driver does not support the following:
o Decoding of Dolby® Digital and DTS™ signals
o DVD-Audio
o DirectSound®-based EAX games
o Gameports
o 6.1 speaker mode.
* SPDIF passthrough is supported on Vista 32-bit only.

Rrrrright. Do you are telling me that in over a year you could not get these features to work in Vista? Brilliant. Now I’m in 2008 and I have jack shit to use my Audigy 2 in Vista.



When you support your customers that use older products, you are in very good shape to have them buy your products again in the future. Here is the proof. Since I had no Audigy 2 love for Vista, I then decided to shop around for an X-Fi, knowing it is a newer product and probably has full function drivers for Windows 64-bit. I was happy that I could have some EAX HD in Vista. Well, Creative doesn’t think so. Creative does not think that their X-Fi card is good enough for Vista.

X-Fi is just not working properly in Vista yet, even with X-Fi being Creative’s flagship product. X-Fi has problems with systems have more than 4 gigs of RAM. What the fuck? Having more than 4 gigs of RAM in my system is THE reason why I am running 64-bit, but X-Fi has problems with that. Unfuckingbelievable.

Get this, Creative is even going against Daniel_K, some dude who is making Creative drivers work the way they should. That is fucking kick ass. This also shows how some guy does better than a big company. Creative does not realise that Daniel_K is helping Creative have their products actually work, and they want him to stop. Yeah, great PR move, Creative! Fucking brilliant! (cache)

Not only that, Creative purposely disabled features for the Audigy drivers when Vista is detected on install. (cache)

Also, some mad greets to the Digg community for raising this shit storm that Creative deserves. (cache)
Creative certainly is showing that they have no interest in their products to work in Vista. Retarded.



PCI Slomo
Ok, so no love for Audigy 2 and X-Fi for Vista, so I decided to see if Creative had any newer products that work in PCI Express instead of PCI. Their offering does not even do EAX at all. Creative, are you fucking serious? The PCI Express SupremeFX II that comes with my motherboard is looking like a better option for Vista than my Audigy 2 right now. At least THIS card has some EAX on it, when compared to Creative’s PCI Express board. I wonder what I will do when faced with the option of buying new hardware that will not even work, when I have free hardware with my motherboard? Yeah, no shit. Fuck Creative.



Creative killed all the fuzzies
Creative just does not give me warm fuzzies anymore. I never had warm fuzzies in the first place when having to downgrade from my Gravis to a Sound Blaster when Gravis killed their sound card division. You can’t make my Audigy 2 work in Vista when everything else in my system does, and not even your newer X-Fi works in Vista. I never had super warm fuzzies for Creative, but now all the fuzzies are dead. No more fucking fuzzies for Creative. Fucking terrible.

You see, I am TRYING to buy your products, but you don’t want me to buy any of your sound cards. I am shopping right now to buy a laptop sound card for my netcasting, but guess what? That’s right, it’s not going to happen with a Creative product. You simply don’t give a fuck about your sound card business anymore. I really think Creative is dead as far as sound card products go.

Creative products are capable and Vista has been around quite long enough for Creative to produce functional drivers for Audigy 2 and X-Fi, but Creative is doing fuck all.

Fuck you, Creative, I am not likely to purchase any of your fucking tech any time soon.


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LA COCHE #100 – 20 JANVIER 2018 – PART II

time January 27th by Botrax


Pour cette deuxième partie de la 100e de La Coche, je continue avec mes invités en commençant par vous annoncer le titre et le co-animateur du nouveau show qui s’ajoutera à la grille de RAS HD et on poursuit à bâtons rompus nos discussions liées aux mises en situation que je leur fais au sujet des derniers événements de l’actualité.

Enjoy exposant 2!

La Coche, c’est malaaaaaade!

FBI de la Maison Feu Bum Intello.
Président-Directeur-général et Membre Honoraire à vie du CRBO,
Éditeur-en-chef de,
CEO de la Bum Coalition,
The Spin Slayer,
Monsieur Concept,
La Voix des Anonymes/The Voice of the Voiceless,
The Broka of chains,
Mister One Take,
The Blind Healer
The SOB – Son of a Beauceronne
The Creator of the Sound of Madness
The Rule Breaker, Risk Taker,
The Game Changer, Can-Am Warrior
The Quiet Revolutionner
And your Natural Spin Killaaaaaaaaa.

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La Coche #100 – 20 janvier 2018 – Part 1

time January 27th by Botrax


Pour la 100e de La Coche, je vous offre chers Bummers la Crème of The Cream du podcast rebelle indépendant autour de la même table. Ben sauf un qui l’a passé dans sa salle de bain via Skype!

Dans la première partie, je parle du futur du Réseau Anti Spin pour sortir ensuite de mon créneau habituel en faisant réagir mes trois invités à divers mises en situation liés à certains événements de l’actualité avec Jean-Philippe Rousseau animateur du Radio Blog, Sébastien Le Couëdic de L’Authentique Podcast et bien sûr The MultiMedia Boy Botrax de


FBI Feu Intello

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