Empire J #4 – Who are we

time June 7th by Botrax

Who are we? Who are you? Finding our identity. (June 7th 2017) 50minutes

Importance of finding yourself, knowing who you are?
-It’s the starting key to your happiness.
-Define yourself with your values.
-Invest in Truth to yourself, not lies you make up about yourself.
-Focused energy, no wasting on fakery.
-Know when to say Yes to what actually pleases you
-You will get good at what you love.
-Doing what you enjoy is not work
-Do you identify yourself with external entities? Hockey team? Imaginary boundaries of a fiction called a country? Animals don’t have borders. Does their nature change because of what is around them? They just BE what they ARE.
-Identify the values that will define your desires, aspirations, what you enjoy, and the values that represent what you don’t enjoy.
-Identify the values and likes to focus the energy on the right things. Get to the essentials, to the essence of YOU.

Who am I, Empire J?
-I love Science fiction. Why science fiction? To me it’s representations of what could be. The value of betterment, exploration, curiosity, evolution, problem solving, intelligence. It’s the stimulation of the imagination, to dream of wild potentialities. Even as a kid I was a visionary on many possibilities for humans.
-I love technology. I always want technology to solve problems, simplify life. We know that’s not always the case. Sometimes it complicates our life. Technology for me is a manifestation of science fiction dreams.
-I eat computers. Why like computers so much? They are tasty.  Was on computers since I was a kid. All self-taught. I realized then that you could do EVERYTHING on a computer, and it represented a physical manifestation of some ideas from science fiction. I had the vision to understand everything a computer would be able to do in coming years. As computers were able to do more and more, I explored those features and capabilities as they came out. When graphics evolved, I would explore image creation using expanded color palettes. When communication was possible through modem, I learned to connect to BBSes and host my own for 9 years. When sound evolved, I explored making music, and digital sound editing later on, to now express that expertise through this show, among others. That’s why I enjoyed the music of Tangerine Dream even back then, because to me it was a manifestation of the possibility of electronic keyboards and evolving sound technology to create something new, different, intelligent in it’s beautiful complexity. Video came along, and then came exploration of video trans-coding, DVD ripping/conversion, DVD video production, Video editing.
-Other values I hold dear: Betterment of people/society, hence exposing corruption. Truth, integrity. Integrity I am, truth I give. Simplicity, decomplexifying, vulgarizing.
-I like status quo.
-Not ambitious. Working on that. Intrigued when saw the question on a dating site. I figure some women, liking resource gatherers, must be something they need to gauge.

Who are you?
-How do you know who you are?
-Explore as many things as you can when you are young. Do everything 2-3 times to see if it’s your thing.
-Find what you enjoy doing, to the point where it doesn’t feel like work, so that you can live off of that.
-Find the means to do what you enjoy.

Who are we?
-Associating with people with common values, goals and understandings.
-You need to find out who you are to find the right groups.
-Remain open to exploring new groups, new people and experiences to learn, evolve, change, adapt your understandings, values, tastes, needs and wants.

-Confidence is oneself through knowing oneself. Know how you will react in various situations by experiencing them. Once you have done it, you know what to expect of that situation, and of yourself.
-Confidence brings clear vision
-Less bad influence from others
-Manipulators are not attracted to confident people.
-How do you know you have confidence? –If everything burns down around us, I know things will be fine.


Music: “Point of Departure“, by Sleeperspaceborn, from Remixes album

Creeping Upon, from Command & Conquer album
Kannas Nsp, by Bad Loop, from Luo album
legho (send someone off to their dreams), by Esem
Campaign Opening Video, by Duane Decker, from MechWarrior 4; Vengeance
Thrust, by Marc Girard
Kauniit Ihmiset, by Bad Loop, from Luo album
Conscience, from Starcraft II – heart of the swarm
Stay, by Xerxes & Phoenix, from First Ray of Light album

Empire J #4 on SoundCloud.com: https://soundcloud.com/empirejnet/empire-j-4-who-are-we
Empire J #4 on MixCloud.com:  https://www.mixcloud.com/EmpireJnet/empire-j-4-who-are-we/
Empire J #4 on Youtube.com: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx4OZbAIHHg
Empire J #4 on Vimeo.com: https://vimeo.com/221043731

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Empire J #3 – Why Empire J

time March 16th by Botrax

Explanation of the reasons behind Empire J show. (March 16th 2017) 36m31s

In this show, you will begin to understand the greater vision for this show. Here, I explain my reasons for doing the show. In Show #2 I explained the structure, what the show will look like, the ritual,  the body of it all. Now we inject the soul into it all, mastering spirit over matter. Now we explain the why, the genesis of the show.

 For my teachers
-A teacher, mentor of mine, Pierre told me to manifest the real me, to have the real Jay come out into the world. I had always remembered that, and could not find a way to manifest that properly.
-Why did he say that? Explained in another show

For the record, for other builders
-Want to document from zero to success, build and share my story as I go along.
-I don’t relate to the successful network marketers in other podcast shows. They made it. I haven’t. I Want to possibly add value to those who are starting or along their path to success.
-I want the beginners to relate to someone.
-Should they always try to relate to the top successful people to be as a goal? Quite possibly. Or is it also good to relate to what is closer to relate to?
-If they like me and want to build their business with me, or be a customer of mine, that is truly fantastic, but that is not my expectation of the show and not the main focus. The main focus is to document for people that know me.

For some focus
-Cutting off some projects, and to focus on one larger project that is beneficial for me, my family, friends and long lost friends I have not met yet.
-One focus of my projects was exposing corruption, but doing what about corruption? How does looking at corruption help me and my family? It helps bring facts and stimulate critical thinking, but what do I get out of it? Doesn’t bring in any money. No prosperity in it. It’s good to understand how things work in the world, but it’s somewhat of an echo chamber, and preaching to the choir of those who are already awake. The unbegun don’t want to hear it anyways.
-To know and not do is to not know. What is the point of understanding the ways of the world if I’m not to act intelligently on that knowledge?
-Politics are dividing, I want to unite.
-No matter the political understanding, we can work a business together, towards a greater life for all of us.

For ME
-Join positive energy with positive people who have a similar outlook, similar goals and want to build a legacy.
-I want to accomplish some goals, realize a vision, multiple visions. To accomplish some of them, I need more time and more resources. I will explain my goals and dreams in another show, using the Big 5 for life idea.
-I am fed up with working to  building someone else’ dreams, I want to work on my own dreams.
-I would see succesful people talking on stage. I told myself that I would like to do that. So, without having a successful business, I decided to make my own show and speak at my leisure, until I can get on that stage from achieving success in the business.
-I have a desire to educate, to share, to vulgarize complex concepts, make them simple. That is what I have been doing for 10 years in my other shows in French language, showing things they may not have seen, and exploring the secrets of the universe.
-If I’m going to go on this journey, I will do it my way, and radio is my thing, so that is how I will have some fun for me on the road, mixing my passion with the journey of building the business.

For my business
-Keep me accountable, keep me active, on a rhythm of personal development and building the business. My way of putting myself in public scrutiny, for accountability. Under scrutiny of my partners and all associates in Montreal.
-I need to build the business.
-Will the show slow me down by dividing focus? Maybe a bit, but it’s my way of uniting my partners and associates, MY way, to give a voice to MY people, by MY people. That is the essence of all the shows I have ever done.
-If for some reason I cannot explain myself properly or correctly to someone, I can refer them to my recorded material that could possibly make more sense. Or not. You cannot say the right thing to the wrong person, and the wrong thing to the right person.
-I want to build reference training material for my team, that they will understand for their business, but also valid for many people building other types of businesses.
-I understand that the show is not duplicatable for everybody, however, I want it to be example of how we can use our passions to network with people, share. I want to inspire people to use their passions and tie it into building the business, to have some fun with it. Each will have to find their own way of marrying passion and building the business. If building is not your passion, find a way for it to be. This is my way.

For the people that I know
-Give a reason to go see people, explain what I’m doing, share some vision.
-I want to learn about their business mindset, and in certain cases, how is their life when living off their passion.
-If they have businesses, I will interview them about the business and their passions and related aspects.
-Wanted to make a list of people’s businesses on a site. When forming the rest of the ideas, saw an opportunity to showcase them on a show, record interviews for them to use. Good energy exchange.
-To make my people known, to publicize them, and at the same time, give them the audio of the interview that they can use on their own site for their clients or customers to know them better, share their story as a promotional tool.
-I want to give a place to voice their business, promotions, for help wanted to hire people, new services or anything new in their business that they want public, I will share that in the Empire News Updates, or whatever I will call them.
-I want a dynamic hub for the people around me, to get them known and share products and services that I know are good, from good people.
Vision Scare
-Does it scare me? Hell yes. Would you be scared if you were an introvert who spent your life avoiding people, being super awkward with women, and now have to build a business in which you have to talk to people? You better believe this whole thing is bringing me out of my comfort zone. Then, imagine building an empire, do you think there is some responsibility involved in doing that? That can be scary.

While listening to the end music, I want you to reflect on why you do the things you do. Why are you where you are. Why your large scary vision can bring you a wild journey of adventures and prosperity. Think about why we do what we do.

End Music:  “Electronic Basil“, by Maluns

-“King’s Filth“, by Le Matos, from album “Join Us“.
-“Solar Distortion“, by ArabCore. http://teque.planet-d.net/
-“NYC Streets, mission 2” by Siren/Alexander Brandon, from album “Deux Ex“.
-“lambda“, by URL, from album “Auxiliary Tracks“.
-“Joestet“, by Planet Boelex, from album “various“.

Empire J #3 on SoundCloud.com: https://soundcloud.com/empirejnet/empire-j-3-why-empire-j
Empire J #3 on MixCloud.com: https://www.mixcloud.com/EmpireJnet/empire-j-3-why-empire-j/
Empire J #3 on YouTube.com: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaCpZwRvnx0
Empire J #3 on Vimeo.com: https://vimeo.com/208926676

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Empire J #2 – What is Empire J

time February 25th by Botrax

Explanation of what is Empire J, what to expect. (25 february 2017) 42minutes.

Show notes:

What is Empire J
Empire J is an empire among many, such as Empire 1, Empire 2, Empire A, Empire B… well this one is Empire J.
I am J, so it’s MY empire, but also yours.
Empire because I will be talking about my empire how it is now, the people I know, that are part of my life.
Empire because I will be progressing to building prosperity for myself, my family, friends and people that I know.


What to expect in this show:

Documenting my journey in general
Documenting my journey in network marketing in general, mostly network marketing, experiences, updates on progress, setbacks.
Sharing experience of building the empire.
-Sharing my story, the behind the scenes as I build my story.

My perspective on network marketing subjects
-Specific written subjects that I will cover, sometimes by myself, sometimes with a partner or associate that has relevance or experience in that subject.
-training reporting/summary.
-Book reviews.
-Enough prepared subjects for 4 years if I produce a show every 2 weeks.
-I noticed that many network marketing podcasts have died because there are only so many subjects you can talk about in network marketing. I will prevent subject exhaustion as I am also sharing my story, my experiences what I what I learn as I go.

People of my empire
-Guest interviews of fellow business builders, about their passions, dreams, experiences
-Other people that I find interesting.
-If you know me, and you want to contribute on a particular subject, this empire is here for your voice.

Wisdom shared
-Not main focus, but once in a while I will.
-Esoteric and mystic subjects related to self-improvement, mysteries of the universe.
-Shifting towards less network marketing to wisdom, we shall see. Only so many hot tips & tricks you can put out before becoming extinct.

News updates
-News about my progress, the empire, messages from people of the empire, the company I’m part of.
-Network marketing industry news.

Jingles, Song Lyrics, Parodies
-May have some inspirational jingles once in a while, will see as I go.
-Song lyrics, to find wisdom in them.
-Inspiring Jingles and Song Lyrics to break from the network marketing subjects and news, to keep a balance, bring a break to a rhythm, make the wind wander in wonder.
-Jingles and parodies require some production time, may take a while before they come up.

Structure of the shows
-May have some French shows with French guests. The beginning of each show will indicate as such, to allow skipping.
-Feeds for all subjects/categories to subscribe, layout for easy searching of subjects, general layout in one page. Lyrics, wisdom, network marketing, jingles, all in their own categories on the site.
-Varied length. Try to keep short, but interviews can be longer. No restriction.
-Some shows will be reference pieces, made to be timeless and accessed to review a certain topic, notably in network marketing.
-Some shows or subjects may be completely re-recorded, to make dynamic and updated archive.

Style of the show
-Not trying to please everyone. I will be ME, and that’s that. Those who can, will. If some guy achieved highest compensation position and is buying his plane but goes on stage and says he still has a life coach to coax his bad habits, I can have my own quirks.
-Why generic. For everybody, that can be used by many people across different network marketing companies.
-May contain big words, but probably not. To be evaluated. Will be flagged as such if it’s the case.
-Varied types of content to keep is fresh and interesting.

Music (Style continued)
-Music background. That’s how I do it. Makes it more alive. I enjoy listening when there is music. Gives a life and a rhythm.
-Try to promote independent artists that are not with major labels.
-Music piece at end of show. Provides a musical break if you listen to a bunch of podcasts in line.

Thankful Edgar Froese from Tangerine Dream for all the music that inspired me since my teenage years. I just want to promote music I enjoy how it can move and inspire the world. To an incredulous reporter, in the advent of electronic keyboards with the first, but somewhat crappy, digital sampling of only 1 or 8 seconds, Edgar Froese had said that digital samples would be the future. That reporter laughed at him. Look at us now, where practically all music is digital samples.

That is why I chose the music for my intro music. This music was created with early generation home computers, that are literally crap compared to what we have now, 25 years later. They took crappy digital samples, combined a vision of a song, and composed music in a manner without slick music software, it was practically like programming. That music inspired me, and many other artists that spawned their own remixes, and I’m using in an online podcast 25 years later, because it’s still relevant to me in its enjoyment when I listen and what it represents.

This is the essence I want to convey with this show. Take something that seems crappy, insert a real vision, refine it over time, and make something grandly inspiring with it.

Thank you Edgar, thank you Demo Scene for that inspiration and the desire to share that music with the world. That is the importance of music in my life, and for the show.


Intro Music
Red Sector theme (Electric Revenge), from 4mat, Matthew Simmonds

4 mat MODule archive

Witan, Facts of Life 1992

I reworked it, adjusted stereo separation, re-sampled the output, added some reverb effect to reduce it’s dryness.


May your spirit really know joy, may your heart desire it, may your body manifest it.
Thanks for everything, I love you.


End Music
Off of the ground, from Greyskull



Lone Trooper“, from Jarrid Mendelson on Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun ( https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/command-conquer-tiberian-sun/id83190565 soundtrack album.
Spider boat fisherman loudspeaker flash“, from Esem, on Scateren album
Last stone“, from Planet Boelex, on Misplaced EP album.
“Leandi”, from Mosaik, on Leandi album.
Kleistpark“, from Planet Boelex, on Moments album.
Red Sector Theme“, from Cirdan. Remix of “Red Sector Theme” from 4mat

Empire J #2 on SoudCloud.com: https://soundcloud.com/empirejnet/empire-j-2-what-is-empire-j
Empire J #2 on MixCloud.com: https://www.mixcloud.com/EmpireJnet/empire-j-2-what-is-empire-j/Empire J #2 on Youtube.com: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCxhMsDJVKA
Empire J #2 on Vimeo.com: https://vimeo.com/207554859

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Empire J #1 – Welcome

time February 5th by Botrax

Welcome to Empire J — (February 5th 2017) 4m45s

My name is jay
I am a creator. I like to build ideas, concept, projects.
I have built a few projects so far in my life.
Now I am building a new project.
This time, it’s the project of my life, of our lives.
I am building something.
It’s big.
I’m building something really big.
I’m building …. an empire.

That’s right… an empire.
It’s an empire for me, for you, for everyone. It’s an empire of everyone
It’s an empire of everything. We will do everything.
It’s an empire of love.

It’s an empire built through love towards everybody, and all the best stuff.
This empire will be good, good to everyone around us.
We are starting from something, from nothing, but from strength.
It’s a new adventure, a venture into the unknown.
It’s a bit frightening to begin, but it’s mostly quite exciting.
This empire will be fun as we build it.
It’s going to take some time, but we will do it.
Destination is greatness, wherever it may lead us.
Life is weird and not always easy.
Sometimes we feel stuck, feel like we are not going anywhere, maybe sometimes crying in the shower, wondering where our dreams died.
At the same time, we know it can’t be right, that it HAS to be better , that we are better and bigger than that, and meant for something greater.
We ARE meant for something greater, even if it doesn’t look like it right now. We know better, we feel it deeply, Our vision is much larger than what we are now.
Let’s grab on to something greater that matches our greatness.
We see big, we see much hope still, WE are the hope for something fantastic in this life!
Let’s walk together with purpose, combine our greatness to manifest something magnificent.

Who are you?
What do you want?
Why are you here?
Where are you from? Where are you going?
Whom do you trust?
Whom do you serve?
Do you have anything worth dying for?
Do you have anything worth living for?
What are your goals? What is your purpose? Are you doing what you really want to do?
What are your dreams?
Have you stopped dreaming? Let’s dream together, and make those dreams real.

This is the call  to our adventure.
Welcome to our greater future, our dynasty, our lasting legacy…
Welcome to our Empire, it’s ours.Welcome to EmpireJ

Music: “Higher And Further (feat. Perturbator)” from Tommy ’86, in album High Fidelity. https://tommy86.bandcamp.com/track/higher-and-further-feat-perturbator

Empire J #1 on SoundCloud.com: https://soundcloud.com/empirejnet/empirej-1-welcome
Empire J #1 on MixCloud.com: https://www.mixcloud.com/EmpireJnet/empirej-1-welcome/
Empire J #1 on YouTube.com: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdaxT0BiHkg&t=183s
Empire J #1 on Vimeo.com: https://vimeo.com/206514292

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