New Human Order #6 – Social cataclysm beyond and above good and evil

time May 30th by Botrax

Auditioning for a revolution, student strike in Quebec as a major diversion, programmed civil unrest, edging ever so closer to all out nuclear war, MKultra, Tavistock, destructive animal instinct, staying one step ahead of the population, dwindling loyalty, contradictory collective programming of individualistic values, “them or us” conundrum, breaking the barriers of our perceptions, the shift must occur now, no one is safe, realm of the watchers, fading military deterrent, Japanese financial collapse, crushing pressure on the European-Union, consolidation of manpower thru military might, invasion of Syria, offensive dead-end, global social cataclysm, initiation in extreme conditions, ending of the fifth race, beyond good and evil, full responsibility as a minimum requirement, salvation thru work, overpowering temptation of faith as a doctrine, asking the government is to consent to its rule, claiming innocence as a measure of guilt, Catholic Church at the heart of the new world order, Arc of the Covenant, Knights Templar, Lucifer bearer of light, knowledge of good and evil, plans to bring about the reign of the Antichrist, the fallen ones, decadent temptations of the priest class, return of the gods, revelations on the Vatican, Ratzinger and the inquisition, Malachi prophesy, Petrus Romanus, coming forth of justice, Sagar saga, Anonymous exposes the excesses of the ruling elite, fire in the minds of men, invisible crew guarding human destiny, judgement from above, personal integrity is the gateway to the stars, dirty deeds uncovered in the crowd, fraudulent rapture, therapy of laughter, we are the handlers…

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New Human Order #5 – Battle of the gods over man’s soul

time May 17th by Botrax

We are god, we are unknown, pleasure and consequences, karmic law, pleasure and pain, perilous dogma of the happiness, be the creator, REX84, martial law, police state, the fear factor, explosion of awareness, the conundrum of high-technologies, loyal manpower, mind control, excessive propaganda, breakdown of trust, political spin using alternative medias, past the point of no return, wearing down the resistance, military control, humanitarian solutions, synthetic revolution entrapment, student strike, ideological burden, international fragmentation, tipping-point, filtering out the individuals, habit forming social conditioning, junky backlash, biotronic super-soldier, alien stage play, high-tech scenic programming, simulated invasion, supernatural doorway, Manchurian Candidate, strangeness trauma, magical techniques, high calibre mind tricks, a secret protected by unbreakable cognitive boundaries, Roswell New Mexico, ancient evidences of the Archons, present day corroboration, solar ecosystem, life on Mars, visitors from the astral plane, mystical puppet masters, massive infiltration of our civilization, psychic war, cross-dimensional intel, deadly psychic power, supernatural worker bees, invisible eco-diversity, parasitic roving, faith stalkers, cult of the custodians of ancient knowledge, contacting the gods, ritualistic errors, soul possession, divine intervention, ritualistic decay, destructive cults, disastrous intervention, field day for aliens, fallen angels prisoners of the earth, Akashik records, nefarious influences from the ether, psychic chaos energy loss, dark night of the soul, the moment of creation, sovereignty of self, global time curve, big shift of the ages, world on the mark, extreme pressure from the conditions of the cosmic experiment, gold of the gods, great alchemical marriage, seeding of earth, synthetic race, mining the mind, trading in essential components, body of the universe, boring harmony, they are willing to risk it all, finding the right position, heavenly enemies, mortal fight, angelic onslaught, magical disclosure, thoughts not made in to the brain, knowing the invisible foe, epic battle to reclaim your sovereignty, circus of the singular self, whacking demons, diverging end time scenarios, working with money, zero finance banking…

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New Human Order #4 – On the mountain with Botrax

time May 2nd by Botrax

On the Mont-Royal Mountain, course on miracles, come close, Wild West, English Canadian work ethics, oilfields, covered in oil, toxic wastelands, hidden environmental vices, the solution to pollution is dilution, poison friendly business spills, fracking hell, practical education, it must change, converging crisis, get out of your house, the big picture on this continent, river of blood, native way, mother earth, shamanism, orals traditions, primordial time, spoken law, tyranny of written records, terminal bureaucracy, blissful ignorance, reality shock, power of manifestation, with the time keeper, you know everything, just be there, better now than never, die-off in Japan, tipping point, xenon-133, it’s over, time referential of the cosmic mind, part of the transformation, mind and matter relationship, deadly denial, synchronized volition, creating events, time/space juncture, make the moment, knowledge of the causal principle, the third witness, test of time to our real self, incarnation leads to heaven, material responsibility, when light penetrates, ritualistic obsession, living memory, one moment with yourself, small world in pain, “What have we done !”, primitive social safety, organic politic, final mistake, instant karma, reversal of polarities, June 2012, speed of predators, occult knowledge, inevitable collapse, something is up, new race, blind spot of the elite, remembering the origin, seeing the entire cycle, fall of mankind, false gods, human puppets, war profiteers, insane plan, past burden, new beginning…

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New Human Order #3 – Course in miracles

time April 24th by Botrax

We relate feedback from Syd and Mike. We begin some points as a Course in Miracles that will continue in future shows.

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New Human Order #2 – Changing times and powerful emotions

time April 18th by Botrax

Political radicals, a world governed by fear, controlling your destiny, transmuting the ego, protecting your awareness, the bond of manipulation, animal magnetism, global collapse, war instinct, grounded for solutions, back to tribalism, lawless world, the govermommy, civil unrest, profound urge to flee, vampirism, free energy devises, military oil grab, contradictory cultural bliss, insane humanitarianism, subconscious tension, conspiratorial paradox, 911 truth swindle, falls-flag rumours, planned provocation, ideological entrapment, engineering a disaster, triggering extremism, Black or white, Obama or Soetoro, fire in the minds, don’t panic, get ready, no more bullshit, natural born leaders minding the fort, calming down the image game, the great silence, rumblings from Fukushima, deadly concealment, mortal pride, challenged to the core, courage to remain humane, supramental supermen, global initiation of a cosmic order, passageway to immortality, absolute intelligence, creative chaos, star gate, fertilizing the grand design, the end of freewill, now is the time, infinite field of possibilities, fortune favours the bold, synchronicity of the sovereign self, individuality as the truest correspondence of spirit, cosmic double, planetary regency, natural law of power, rise of zombies, vibrating shield of light, immaterial wealth, fear is always an illusion, buy food, dare to prepare, planetary changes, financial collapse, looming hunger, evading the patterns of history, talk to people…

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New Human Order #1 – The cosmic lie and judgement day

time April 10th by Botrax

The big picture, a unique world view, global convergence, on the edge of knowledge, an adventure of discovery, road warrior on the loose, spying on the lie, crafty revelations, who’s behind this mess, big brother or blind children, impractical awareness, time lagged liberties, the great escape of enlightenment, ruling above and beyond the solution, elitist dream in a nightmarish world, ridiculous refuge for improbable lords, facing the void with suicidal instinct, keep control with commotion, the etheric brain, vibrating thru illusions, the axis of the world, the spirit within the cycle, the cosmic law of manifestation, freedom is the ultimate reference, doom’s day deliverance, immortal thirst, back to basics, singular sanctuary at the core, harmonic spin of convergent timelines, the infinite science of life, present dilemma facing an ancient knowledge, filtering out the crap, worlds in collision and the timeless witness, planetary exam and the cosmic lie, invisible tricksters, temptation of the watchers, a world in quarantine, self individuation and the law of none interference, deception in high places, test of discernment for a magistrate, the intimate bond between mind and matter, harmonic resonance and increasing synchronicities, the ambush of fatality, mass hysteria and the doorway…

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