New Human Order #4 – On the mountain with Botrax

time May 2nd by Botrax

On the Mont-Royal Mountain, course on miracles, come close, Wild West, English Canadian work ethics, oilfields, covered in oil, toxic wastelands, hidden environmental vices, the solution to pollution is dilution, poison friendly business spills, fracking hell, practical education, it must change, converging crisis, get out of your house, the big picture on this continent, river of blood, native way, mother earth, shamanism, orals traditions, primordial time, spoken law, tyranny of written records, terminal bureaucracy, blissful ignorance, reality shock, power of manifestation, with the time keeper, you know everything, just be there, better now than never, die-off in Japan, tipping point, xenon-133, it’s over, time referential of the cosmic mind, part of the transformation, mind and matter relationship, deadly denial, synchronized volition, creating events, time/space juncture, make the moment, knowledge of the causal principle, the third witness, test of time to our real self, incarnation leads to heaven, material responsibility, when light penetrates, ritualistic obsession, living memory, one moment with yourself, small world in pain, “What have we done !”, primitive social safety, organic politic, final mistake, instant karma, reversal of polarities, June 2012, speed of predators, occult knowledge, inevitable collapse, something is up, new race, blind spot of the elite, remembering the origin, seeing the entire cycle, fall of mankind, false gods, human puppets, war profiteers, insane plan, past burden, new beginning…

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