Fucking Tech Show #6 – Desjardins freezes debit card while traveling

time February 18th by Botrax

Desjardins freezes debit card while traveling – (February 17th 2018) 15m

Bullshit seen online:

Identical twins denied driving licence after baffling facial recognition computer system

blown the bloody doors off Car explodes in B&Q car park after driver lit a cigarette which ignited fumes from an air freshener

I knew I was traveling soon and decided to call the bank to make sure they would not freeze the debit card, as they often do with credit cards. Here is the essence of the discussion over the phone:

-Me: I am calling to give notice that i will be traveling with my debit card, as to not freeze it while i am abroad.
-Desjardins : No need to notify us when traveling with debit card.
-Me: Oh! Fantastic!

I use Desjardins debit card abroad. Card gets frozen. Cannot use card again when needed for an emergency. It’s likely some algorithm somewhere like those used for credit cards.

It’s truly fucking amazing that you take the time to indicate that transactions may appear suspicious, but they are not , because you will be the one using it.

What do we learn here? Don’t trust bank technology, and make sure you have backup methods to have money on hand. Fucking banks.


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BotCast #58 – Automatisation des voitures et des emplois

time February 18th by Botrax

Automatisation des voitures et des emplois, et la tuerie de la semaine. (17 février 2018) 1h26m

Les bizarreries de la tuerie en Floride, Vegas, et Sandy Hook.

Terror Attacks and Drills: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

(20m11s) Premier Féfministre braille encore.
(23m47s) Tastovul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmTKW08TIBU
(27m55s) Chemin Camilien-Houde sera fermé, et la voiture est l’ennemie.
(31m10s) Voitures automatisées.

(39m05s) Promo service internet Le BotCast with Cheese.
(39m48s) Promo Feu de l’Esprit.
(41m17s) Promo La Coche Reseauantispin.com
(41m39s) Comedy – Armed thieves promoting gun bans.
(44m11s) Comment contacter Le BotCast with Cheese.

(45m02) Automatisation et perte d’emplois.
(1h4m5s) Système de crédit en Chine pour qualifier les gens crédibles.
(1h8m35s) Travailleurs Indous incompétents.
(1h12m11s) Justice Sociale autour de Black Panther.
(1h14m03) Salaire de base annuel et le sens de l’utilité dans une passion.
(1h20m46s) Merci Eugénie Bouchard.
(1h21m21s) Les feministes et les PitGirls.

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Feu de l’Esprit #29 – Boussole Morale

time February 18th by Botrax

La boussole morale des gens est déréglée. (17 février 2018) 1h13m

Giving up on moral & ethical values ‘more dangerous than nuclear bomb’ – Putin

Le Super Matozoïde – S6#180 – ASSUME! – 1e février 2018

(47m43s) Vaccins: un nombre alarmant d’études scientifiques mettent actuellement en lumière des dangers sur la santé!

(53m47) Over 5,000 elementary school kids suspended in Toronto for out-of-date immunization records

(55m49s) Les vaccins antigrippaux tuent les seniors, prévient une étude

Feu de l’Esprit #29 sur MixCloud.com: https://www.mixcloud.com/FeuDeLesprit/feu-de-lesprit-29-boussole-morale/

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Fucking Tech Show #5 – Creative’s terrible Vista drivers

time January 31st by Botrax

Reading of the article “Creative’s terrible Vista drivers”, a random jingle, melting cameras down Google Drive goes down! Oh noes! (January 30th 2018) 22m55s

Creative’s terrible Vista drivers – https://fuckingtech.com/creatives-terrible-vista-drivers/

Behold the cameras destroyed by the solar eclipse – https://fuckingtech.com/behold-the-cameras-destroyed-by-the-solar-eclipse/

Google Drive down in parts of US – https://fuckingtech.com/google-drive-down-in-parts-of-us/

I have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS that has worked pretty good with Windows XP. Now it seems this sound card is doomed to die with XP.


Creative’s limp into the future
Now I have a 64-bit processor and I am ready to upgrade to Windows Vista 64-bit, you know, leaping into the technology of the future and leaving 32-bit to rot in the past.

There is only one problem; my Audigy 2 sound card does not have drivers for Vista that enable the same functionality that I have in XP, namely EAX HD. You know, it would be nice to run my new quad core baby and it’s 8800GT with some hot EAX HD sound. Well, Creative doesn’t think so. Creative does not consider Audigy 2 to be good enough for Vista.

When looking for Vista 64-bit drivers for Audigy 2, here is what I find:

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Driver 2.12.0002 (38.30 MB) 16 Mar 07

Wow. No driver updates in over a YEAR, dude! Vista has been available for Creative in Beta release for them to update their drivers to work with Vista since 2005-2006.

But wait! That’s not all! Not only are there no new drivers in over a year, they are crippled and do not have hot EAX HD, as mentioned by the release notes from over a year ago:

Known issues:

* Applications from the original Sound Blaster Audigy CD will not work with this download.
* Users are advised to use Audio Console included in this download to change speaker configurations.
* This driver does not support the following:
o Decoding of Dolby® Digital and DTS™ signals
o DVD-Audio
o DirectSound®-based EAX games
o Gameports
o 6.1 speaker mode.
* SPDIF passthrough is supported on Vista 32-bit only.

Rrrrright. Do you are telling me that in over a year you could not get these features to work in Vista? Brilliant. Now I’m in 2008 and I have jack shit to use my Audigy 2 in Vista.



When you support your customers that use older products, you are in very good shape to have them buy your products again in the future. Here is the proof. Since I had no Audigy 2 love for Vista, I then decided to shop around for an X-Fi, knowing it is a newer product and probably has full function drivers for Windows 64-bit. I was happy that I could have some EAX HD in Vista. Well, Creative doesn’t think so. Creative does not think that their X-Fi card is good enough for Vista.

X-Fi is just not working properly in Vista yet, even with X-Fi being Creative’s flagship product. X-Fi has problems with systems have more than 4 gigs of RAM. What the fuck? Having more than 4 gigs of RAM in my system is THE reason why I am running 64-bit, but X-Fi has problems with that. Unfuckingbelievable.

Get this, Creative is even going against Daniel_K, some dude who is making Creative drivers work the way they should. That is fucking kick ass. This also shows how some guy does better than a big company. Creative does not realise that Daniel_K is helping Creative have their products actually work, and they want him to stop. Yeah, great PR move, Creative! Fucking brilliant!
http://forums.creative.com/creativelabs/board/message?board.id=soundblaster&thread.id=116332&view=by_date_ascending&page=1 (cache)

Not only that, Creative purposely disabled features for the Audigy drivers when Vista is detected on install. http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2008/04/daniel_k-who-fi.html (cache)

Also, some mad greets to the Digg community for raising this shit storm that Creative deserves.
http://digg.com/hardware/Creative_threatens_community_modder (cache)
Creative certainly is showing that they have no interest in their products to work in Vista. Retarded.



PCI Slomo
Ok, so no love for Audigy 2 and X-Fi for Vista, so I decided to see if Creative had any newer products that work in PCI Express instead of PCI. Their offering does not even do EAX at all. Creative, are you fucking serious? The PCI Express SupremeFX II that comes with my motherboard is looking like a better option for Vista than my Audigy 2 right now. At least THIS card has some EAX on it, when compared to Creative’s PCI Express board. I wonder what I will do when faced with the option of buying new hardware that will not even work, when I have free hardware with my motherboard? Yeah, no shit. Fuck Creative.



Creative killed all the fuzzies
Creative just does not give me warm fuzzies anymore. I never had warm fuzzies in the first place when having to downgrade from my Gravis to a Sound Blaster when Gravis killed their sound card division. You can’t make my Audigy 2 work in Vista when everything else in my system does, and not even your newer X-Fi works in Vista. I never had super warm fuzzies for Creative, but now all the fuzzies are dead. No more fucking fuzzies for Creative. Fucking terrible.

You see, I am TRYING to buy your products, but you don’t want me to buy any of your sound cards. I am shopping right now to buy a laptop sound card for my netcasting, but guess what? That’s right, it’s not going to happen with a Creative product. You simply don’t give a fuck about your sound card business anymore. I really think Creative is dead as far as sound card products go.

Creative products are capable and Vista has been around quite long enough for Creative to produce functional drivers for Audigy 2 and X-Fi, but Creative is doing fuck all.

Fuck you, Creative, I am not likely to purchase any of your fucking tech any time soon.


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FuckingTech show #4 – The Palm Treo 680 is not made for Asians. Palm does not want this market

time January 3rd by Botrax

Reading of the article “The Palm Treo 680 is not made for Asians. Palm does not want this market”, and playback of Sovryn’s rant on shitty BluRay software. (January 3rd 2018)

-Fucking Tech is Google Play Approved – not as stingy as iTunes!

-The Palm Treo 680 is not made for Asians. Palm does not want this market. (March 23rd 2008)

-Sovryn Rant about shitty BlueRay software. From Sovryn Tech show #254 at 51 minute mark.
Sovryn Tech Ep. 0254: “Injustice League” https://soundcloud.com/sovryntech/svtep0254



Different is good when it’s better.
Grab any cell phone from LG, Samsung or Motorola, you will most likely find a hole or ring to attach a small wrist strap or lanyard. This wrist strap makes it easy to grab the phone out of it’s hiding place and can also be used to prevent an inadvertent drop of your phone while using it. Palm, in their grandiose wisdom decided that wrist strap rings are not to be part of the Treo 680, when all other phones around the world have had these rings for years.


Palm hates Asians.
Palm must hate Asians by not including a wrist strap ring on the Treo 680. Palm is missing out on the complete lanyard/wrist strap accessory market for Treos in the Asian segment. When I show my Treo phone to my Asian friends, they always ask me what color is my wrist lanyard and which Helo Kitty noise charm I have at the end of it. I smack my head with my palm (my hand palm) every time. It makes me feel like an ass and left out every single time. It makes me feel very North-American.


The small guy get’s the protection.
Find the logic in this. Palm Centro is la less expensive device and can accommodate wrist straps. Treo 680 is more expensive and can not have wrist straps. Is Palm telling me that it’s OK to drop a 500$ Treo 680, but adds anti-drop lanyard capability to the less expensive Centro? Is this some kind of racket to extort more money out of people buying more expensive devices? Fuck, I paid 500$ for this phone. I can’t have a simple hole in the casing so I don’t drop my expensive phone with a 2$ wrist strap?


Sony wins.
My Sony TG-50 has a wrist strap ring, it is very handy when using it as a hand held voice recorder. My Sony UX-50 has the BIGGEST wrist strap ring ever seen in any hand held device. With a 1000$ device when it came out in 2003, it’d BETTER have a fucking wrist strap ring! In fact, this ring is reinforced metal that is part of the frame. FUCK!!! Now THAT’s a strap ring! 3 years later Palm gives me fuck all as far as strap rings on my Treo 680. Great. My 150$ digital camera has a lanyard ring. Why can’t my 500$ Treo have one?


I just bought a Treo 680 for my wife. Now she is asking where on her new Treo does she attach her wrist lanyard & Hello Kitty bell charm combo. Fuck.


Don’t worry, Palm, you’re getting off light on this one. I have more rants to rip you some big ones. Just wait for it. I love Palm OS, but Palm devices have bad implementations. Was I spoiled by Sony? No. Palm had plenty of time to implement all this stuff.


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TiteBot #38 – Formation prévention de harcèlement et discrimination au travail

time December 27th by Botrax

Lecture audio d’une formation en ligne sur la prévention du harcèlement et de la discrimination au travail. (20 décembre 2017) 1h9m

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FuckingTech Show #3 – GoldenTree’s crippled, slow & unencrypted hotel wireless

time December 15th by Botrax

GoldenTree’s crippled, slow & unencrypted hotel wireless (December 14th 2017) 35 minutes.

-Listed on BaladoQuebec while I was recording Show #2
-Rejected by iTunes Podcast Directory
-Internet service is real
-Shout to other web sites on main page.
-Where I come from when looking at tech. QA and powe ruser perspective with a touch of hacker.

GoldenTree’s crippled, slow & unencrypted hotel wireless


Voter registration websites make some records vulnerable

Hotels seem to have replaced ethernet internet with wireless, as it probably saves money on cabling costs, which is OK. The problems I have with this is that so far I have had slow, crippled, unencrypted and ask for passwords for no reason and they have all been provided by GoldenTree.

Login password?

Before you can do anything with your wireless connection you need to log in with a password that is the area code and your room number. This is stupid and useless. Residence Inn does not do this, it only asks you to agree to the terms of service, which does not bother with useless garbage.

Unencrypted? Are you fucking kidding me?

Wireless connections that have seen so far in hotels do not even use WEP or WPA encryption.I have seen this at Holiday Inn, Marriott Residence Inn  and Marriot Fairfield Inn.

Not only is Goldentree ( http://www.goldentreecom.com/hotelhighspeedinternet/index.html ) doing a bad implementation, but hotels don’t seen to give a shit about guests that are staying for business purposes. Some business users will have VPN access, but some corporate VPN access limits tremendously what is possible to do on that connection. The idea is that we HAVE to use the wireless connection without our personal VPN sometimes. When that happens and the connection is not encrypted, that pisses me off because anyone can sniff around and see what everybody in the hotel is doing on their wireless connection.

By the way, FuckingTech.com has been created entirely over a wireless GoldenTree connection in a hotel. This is scary because all operations have been done over unencrypted wireless for everyone to see, from the domain registration, unencrypted FTP transfers (because SSL FTP never works) and unencrypted back end administration of the article system. Anyone listening over the wireless connection could have hijacked FuckingTech.com before it was even started. This inaugural article could have been hijacked!

I don’t mind if anyone grabs the nude celeb pics that I download, but I start minding when I work and an encrypted connection for that type of work is not available.

Unencrypted hotel wireless is risky and it should stop.

Slow “High Speed” connections

Now on to the speed. Goldentree is horrendously slow on Friday and Saturday evenings. Yo dudes! We need more bandwidth over here!!!! I am talking to you, Marriott, Holiday Inn and GoldenTree! When this shit goes on every god damned week-end from November to March, YOU HAVE A FUCKING PROBLEM with your unencrypted, crippled and slow ass connection.

Slow “High speed” connections are terrible and it has to stop.


GoldenTree also limits the POST sizes that are over 25k. Fantastic. That is just retarded when you are trying to upload files to any HTTP content system such as FuckingTech.com

GoldenTree, you provide slow, crippling and unencrypted wireless connections to hotel customers. You have some work to do.

What burns me is that it seems all hotels use GoldenTree over here in Oklahoma City, which limits your options to attain some sort of satisfaction from your wireless connection provided to you.

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BotCast #57 – Invasion Europe

time December 10th by Botrax

Examination des problèmes causés par les migrations de masse en Europe. (2h6m) 6 décembre 2017

L’émission #173 du Super Matozoïde où je présente ma chronique sur les problèmes de migrations en Suède, à 1h23m45s.
Le Super Matozoïde – S6#173 – Cry Baby Trudeau – 7 décembre 2017


Sweden: Migrant Who Participated in 20-Man Gang Rape of Woman Tells Police it Was “Fun”

The Truth About Sweden

Armed Police to Escort Joggers in Swedish City for Protection

Sexual Assaults At Highest Ever Level In Sweden, New Figures Reveal

Video: Swedish Minister Refuses To Mark Ethnicity Of Rapists, Reports State 90% Are Migrants




Immigrants Commit 84 Percent Of All Rape In Sweden—Migrants Commit Two-Thirds

Swedish dental hygienist was fired for reporting 80% of child migrants are adults

Invasion! How Sweden Became the Rape Capital of the West

Sweden Facing New Challenges as Acid Throwing Plague Reaches Scandinavia

Sweden Legalizes Child Marriages For Immigrants

Syrian man with three wives got three homes – elderly Swede referred to the street… expect more of the same – or worse.

Swedish Documentary On Failed Immigration

‘Rape, robberies & murder: Swedish police lack resources to combat migrant crime wave’

EU orders Sweden to shut down border checks

Crackdown on Hate Speech in Europe: All Swedish Anti-Mass Migration Podcasts Taken Down by Soundcloud for ‘Hate Speech’; German Government Bans Alt-Left Website

Sweden to close 70 police stations due to rising threat of islam!



Poland refuses to take its EU immigrant quota. Germany threatens to fine Poland $75 million. Poland responds by demanding $1 trillion in WW2 reparations from Germany. Where were you when we entered the age of shitposting foreign policy?



Germany: Reading out news about migrants is now seen as a crime by the left

Six Members of ISIS Cell Planning Possible Christmas Market Attack Arrested in Terror Raids

Germany: 200 churches damaged and Christian symbols destroyed in Bavaria region

Top Greens politician says Germany would be boring without Islam, uses Yazidis fleeing Islam in campaign poster…….

German court jails Syrian refugee over UN kidnapping

Merkel Defends Open Borders Migrant Policy After Election Shock

Almost Half of Crimes in Berlin Committed by Migrants

Acute Flaccid Paralysis Outbreak In Germany

Proof Muslims Brought Tick Borne Relapsing Fever& Malaria Co-Infection To Germany

Migrant Rape Attacks Up 91 Per Cent in Bavaria This Year

Germany’s AfD Leader Slams Migration Policy After Brutal Rape

Germany: Police Tell Women Not To Run Alone After Migrant Rapes Jogger In Park

Criticizing Islam Now A Hate Crime In Germany

Video: ‘Out Of The Question’: Proposed Introduction Of Muslim Holidays Meets Furious Backlash In Germany



Report: Schools Must Teach Britain Is an ‘Immigration Nation’ to Fight Islamophobia

Police can’t afford to honour Britain’s war-dead, but makes videos promoting Islam (which is at war with Britain).

UK: Muslim migrant rapist blames his rape on “cultural differences” and “not understanding British law”

UK: Anti-terror watchdog wants ‘naive’ young jihadis to not be prosecuted on their return from ISIS

Illegal Somali immigrant is convicted of killing a man in the street before trying to activate the deportation order he had dodged four years before in the hope he would be flown home


Gangs selling real British passports to migrants for £500: Price drops by £1,500 in a year after 20,000 flood the black market leading to fears ISIS jihadis could find it easier to reach UK

UK Terror Threat Level To Remain ‘Severe’ For Now

ISIS Agent Tried To Recruit BBC Reporter For London Bridge Attack

1 In 5 Unemployed People In Britain Are Migrants – Official Data

British Jihadists Trained By Secretive ISIS Unit To Launch UK Suicide Attacks

Donations from British public funding Islamist extremism, govt report finds

UK has allowed more jihadists to return than anywhere else in Europe



European Union Remains ‘Committed’ To Opening Borders to 75 Million Turkish Citizens as ‘Soon as Possible’

Hordes of Africans Waiting to Flood Europe – Excellent Russian TV Report

‘Stop Operation Soros’ Movements to ban billionaire-funded groups sweep across Europe

Majority of Muslims in West Europe are on welfare

EU Plan to Resettle 50,000 Refugees is ‘Political Message for Old Europe’

Free Muslim Immigration to Europe 1

EU EXPOSED: How Brussels uses YOUR cash to fund people smugglers in £260 MILLION scheme

European Court Orders EU Countries To Take Migrants

EU Court Rules Against Hungary, Slovakia ‘Refugee Resettlement’ Challenge

EU has just weeks to relocate 130 THOUSAND migrants as bloc to fail on ANOTHER pledge

EU Enabling ‘Free Movement Of Terrorists’ – Farage

Bretibart: George Soros wants to flood Europe with mass migration, targets countries and people standing in the way of open borders

‘Time for UN to act’ Italy orders action on migrant crisis after losing patience with EU

SOROS at it again – forcing migration into Europe


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