New Human Order #6 – Social cataclysm beyond and above good and evil

time May 30th by Botrax

Auditioning for a revolution, student strike in Quebec as a major diversion, programmed civil unrest, edging ever so closer to all out nuclear war, MKultra, Tavistock, destructive animal instinct, staying one step ahead of the population, dwindling loyalty, contradictory collective programming of individualistic values, “them or us” conundrum, breaking the barriers of our perceptions, the shift must occur now, no one is safe, realm of the watchers, fading military deterrent, Japanese financial collapse, crushing pressure on the European-Union, consolidation of manpower thru military might, invasion of Syria, offensive dead-end, global social cataclysm, initiation in extreme conditions, ending of the fifth race, beyond good and evil, full responsibility as a minimum requirement, salvation thru work, overpowering temptation of faith as a doctrine, asking the government is to consent to its rule, claiming innocence as a measure of guilt, Catholic Church at the heart of the new world order, Arc of the Covenant, Knights Templar, Lucifer bearer of light, knowledge of good and evil, plans to bring about the reign of the Antichrist, the fallen ones, decadent temptations of the priest class, return of the gods, revelations on the Vatican, Ratzinger and the inquisition, Malachi prophesy, Petrus Romanus, coming forth of justice, Sagar saga, Anonymous exposes the excesses of the ruling elite, fire in the minds of men, invisible crew guarding human destiny, judgement from above, personal integrity is the gateway to the stars, dirty deeds uncovered in the crowd, fraudulent rapture, therapy of laughter, we are the handlers…

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