New Human Order #1 – The cosmic lie and judgement day

time April 10th by Botrax

The big picture, a unique world view, global convergence, on the edge of knowledge, an adventure of discovery, road warrior on the loose, spying on the lie, crafty revelations, who’s behind this mess, big brother or blind children, impractical awareness, time lagged liberties, the great escape of enlightenment, ruling above and beyond the solution, elitist dream in a nightmarish world, ridiculous refuge for improbable lords, facing the void with suicidal instinct, keep control with commotion, the etheric brain, vibrating thru illusions, the axis of the world, the spirit within the cycle, the cosmic law of manifestation, freedom is the ultimate reference, doom’s day deliverance, immortal thirst, back to basics, singular sanctuary at the core, harmonic spin of convergent timelines, the infinite science of life, present dilemma facing an ancient knowledge, filtering out the crap, worlds in collision and the timeless witness, planetary exam and the cosmic lie, invisible tricksters, temptation of the watchers, a world in quarantine, self individuation and the law of none interference, deception in high places, test of discernment for a magistrate, the intimate bond between mind and matter, harmonic resonance and increasing synchronicities, the ambush of fatality, mass hysteria and the doorway…

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