New Human Order #5 – Battle of the gods over man’s soul

time May 17th by Botrax

We are god, we are unknown, pleasure and consequences, karmic law, pleasure and pain, perilous dogma of the happiness, be the creator, REX84, martial law, police state, the fear factor, explosion of awareness, the conundrum of high-technologies, loyal manpower, mind control, excessive propaganda, breakdown of trust, political spin using alternative medias, past the point of no return, wearing down the resistance, military control, humanitarian solutions, synthetic revolution entrapment, student strike, ideological burden, international fragmentation, tipping-point, filtering out the individuals, habit forming social conditioning, junky backlash, biotronic super-soldier, alien stage play, high-tech scenic programming, simulated invasion, supernatural doorway, Manchurian Candidate, strangeness trauma, magical techniques, high calibre mind tricks, a secret protected by unbreakable cognitive boundaries, Roswell New Mexico, ancient evidences of the Archons, present day corroboration, solar ecosystem, life on Mars, visitors from the astral plane, mystical puppet masters, massive infiltration of our civilization, psychic war, cross-dimensional intel, deadly psychic power, supernatural worker bees, invisible eco-diversity, parasitic roving, faith stalkers, cult of the custodians of ancient knowledge, contacting the gods, ritualistic errors, soul possession, divine intervention, ritualistic decay, destructive cults, disastrous intervention, field day for aliens, fallen angels prisoners of the earth, Akashik records, nefarious influences from the ether, psychic chaos energy loss, dark night of the soul, the moment of creation, sovereignty of self, global time curve, big shift of the ages, world on the mark, extreme pressure from the conditions of the cosmic experiment, gold of the gods, great alchemical marriage, seeding of earth, synthetic race, mining the mind, trading in essential components, body of the universe, boring harmony, they are willing to risk it all, finding the right position, heavenly enemies, mortal fight, angelic onslaught, magical disclosure, thoughts not made in to the brain, knowing the invisible foe, epic battle to reclaim your sovereignty, circus of the singular self, whacking demons, diverging end time scenarios, working with money, zero finance banking…

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