New Human Order #2 – Changing times and powerful emotions

time April 18th by Botrax

Political radicals, a world governed by fear, controlling your destiny, transmuting the ego, protecting your awareness, the bond of manipulation, animal magnetism, global collapse, war instinct, grounded for solutions, back to tribalism, lawless world, the govermommy, civil unrest, profound urge to flee, vampirism, free energy devises, military oil grab, contradictory cultural bliss, insane humanitarianism, subconscious tension, conspiratorial paradox, 911 truth swindle, falls-flag rumours, planned provocation, ideological entrapment, engineering a disaster, triggering extremism, Black or white, Obama or Soetoro, fire in the minds, don’t panic, get ready, no more bullshit, natural born leaders minding the fort, calming down the image game, the great silence, rumblings from Fukushima, deadly concealment, mortal pride, challenged to the core, courage to remain humane, supramental supermen, global initiation of a cosmic order, passageway to immortality, absolute intelligence, creative chaos, star gate, fertilizing the grand design, the end of freewill, now is the time, infinite field of possibilities, fortune favours the bold, synchronicity of the sovereign self, individuality as the truest correspondence of spirit, cosmic double, planetary regency, natural law of power, rise of zombies, vibrating shield of light, immaterial wealth, fear is always an illusion, buy food, dare to prepare, planetary changes, financial collapse, looming hunger, evading the patterns of history, talk to people…

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