Steam up my ass valve

time July 9th by Botrax

Hey VALVE! Yeah! You guys there, the plumbers! What kind of Big Brother bullshit are you trying to pull off with your Steam bullshit? I know why it’s called Steam, it’s because it makes me steam from anger!

This combo is the stupidest shit I have seen so far just to download a fucking game. Check this out. I want to download Counter Strike 1.6, the fucking nightmare begins.

I go to, the official web site to download Counter Strike 1.6. I go to the Downloads. I have to install Steam to download Counter Strike. That doesn’t make sense. Just give me a fucking FTP or web link, a bunch of mirrors and shit and just let me download it. Load up the bunch of mirrors on load-balancing DNS or something.

Ok.. I have to deal with this Steam bullshit. I want to download Steam, so it brings me to FilePlanet and a rush of old nightmares come back to haunt my brain and fuck it up. FilePlanet needs to you to register to download files. What kind of fucking bullshit is that? And FilePlanet is all fucked up with my account, I’m logged in but I’m not logged in, I can’t download, which basically makes FilePlanet unusable because they suck. I’m fucking mad now. I don’t need Steam anymore since it’s coming out of my ears.

Fuck you Valve, fuck Steam and fuck you FilePlanet, you bunch of vile shitty motherfuckers that only bring misery into my life and no workable download solutions.

You guys need to learn how the internet works. First, get an anonymous FTP and/or WEB server where people can download Counter Strike 1.6 without having to log into Steam, without having to log into “VilePlanet”, without ripping out their hair. Holy fucking shit that was easy! It’s obvious Valve does not know anything about the Internet or else Half Life 2 source code would not have been downloaded from their offices.

Let’s examine why it would be necessary to download Counter Strike with Steam. You don’t since mirrored and load-balanced FTP and WEB sites can do the job faster and easier.

Let’s examine why it’s necessary to log into “VilePlanet” to download Steam. You don’t since anonymous FTP and WEB sites can do the job easier and faster.

Let’s examine why people would want to play Counter Strike. There is no reason I can see why anyone would want to play Counter Strike unless you were tortured by the Americans in a prison. You could also be so retarded that other more complex strategy games are too much for you brain to handle. Why was I trying to download Counter Strike 1.6 anyways? Well.. I was trying to setup a dedicated server for the brain dead children who wanted to play Counter Strike…

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