Music: Polka Sonata

time July 29th by Botrax

Polka Sonata
By Botrax (Formerly Dragonite) 1998

Made with Impulse Tracker
4 channels
1 sample from Gravis Ultrasound MIDI PATch files

This one is by mistake. I was converting a MIDI file of Moonlight Sonata to create Retaking Moonlight, and created a bad output with some wrong options and it sounded like an accordion piece. Unmodified with all the conversion errors. I just slapped an accordion sample in there and I was done.

More of a joke tune more than anything.

Encoded in FLAC Stereo 24-bit 192khz


DOWNLOAD – FLAC –  Polka Sonata – Stereo – Botrax (24-bit 192khz)
DOWNLOAD – MP3 – Polka Sonata – Stereo – Botrax (320kbps 48khz)



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    Ralenti avec un peu d’écho, ca ferait presque macabre.

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