BotCast #37 – Australie (Kookoo Sunshine)

time February 3rd by Botrax

BotCast #37 Botrax en direct de l’Australie! ou pour écouter en surround. (3 février 2009) BotCast-0037.mp3 BotCast-0037.m3u


Break: Elwood, “Sunshine”,
OutTro: Radix, “Kookoo” ,
Remerciements:,, et le Végémite… la shit en canne.

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TiteBot #15 – LastCall_ tout doit partir

time January 18th by Botrax

TiteBot #15. LastCall_ joint Botrax pour une petite liquidation d’infos (19 janvier 2009) TiteBot-0015.mp3 TiteBot-0015.m3u


Top judge charged with exposure
Lord Justice Richards has been charged with two counts of exposure relating to allegations of two separate incidents on trains in south-west London in 2006. (cache)

China warns Negroponte on Taiwan arms sales
China warned visiting US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte that plans to sell American missiles to Taiwan threatened to harm Sino-US ties, a Chinese spokesman said Saturday. (cache)

Auto theft is up in Sarasota
Police officers say there are several reasons for the rise in numbers, including what they call “rock rentals.” that’s where people exchanging drugs for their cars, then reporting the vehicle stolen.

Borrowing from China to give to israel
Israel is again lobbying our Congress for its annual handout. If past behavior is any indicator, Congress will borrow the money (from China) to provide Israel an aid package worth over $5 billion. This represents one-third of our foreign aid in spite of the fact Israel makes up only 0.001 percent of the world’s population, and has one of the world’s higher per capita incomes.

Extremist rabbis call for return of animal sacrifice
A fringe group of extremist rabbis wants to resume the biblical practice of animal sacrifice at an explosive religious site in Jerusalem, members said Wednesday.

Lebanon uncovers European-run spy network
Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, has been working under the cover of European intelligence agencies’ names, the newspaper said. It appears that the Mossad was doing the same thing with the recently uncovered network, it added. Last June, Lebanon uncovered a “terror network” that was used by the Mossad to carry out attacks inside Lebanon, mainly against Hezbollah and Palestinian resistance groups. (cache)

B’nai Brith demande à Ottawa de poursuivre Ahmedinejad
B’nai Brith Canada demande au gouvernement canadien d’ajouter sa voix à celles qui réclament que le président iranien, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, soit poursuivi pour incitation au génocide du peuple juif. (cache)

Le journaliste décédé à Moscou enquêtait sur des ventes d’armes à la Syrie
Moscou — Le journaliste russe Ivan Safronov, mort en tombant du quatrième étage de son immeuble à Moscou, enquêtait sur des ventes d’armes russes à la Syrie et à l’Iran, a écrit hier son journal, le quotidien russe Kommersant, qui doute qu’il se soit suicidé. Suite
URL: (cache)

Les Américains admettent être imparfaits
Washington — Les États-Unis ont reconnu pour la première fois des imperfections en matière de droits de l’homme, notamment en ce qui concerne leur réaction aux attentats du 11-Septembre, dans leur rapport annuel sur le sujet publié hier par le département d’État. Suite
URL: (cache)

Gonzales, Mueller admit FBI broke law
The nation’s top two law enforcement officials acknowledged Friday the FBI broke the law to secretly pry out personal information about Americans. They apologized and vowed to prevent further illegal intrusions. (cache)

Cocktail of additives found in child medicines
Children’s medicines contain a cocktail of additives which are banned in food and drink aimed at under-threes, says a report out today from the Food Commission. (cache)

President Authorized Abu Ghraib Torture, FBI Email Says
Repeated references in an internal FBI email suggest that the president issued a special order to permit some of the more objectionable torture techniques used at Abu Ghraib and other US-run prison facilities around Iraq. The email was among a new batch of FBI documents revealed by civil rights advocates on Monday. (cache)

Undertaker begins broadcasting funerals over the internet
An undertaker in Northern Ireland has begun broadcasting funerals over the internet so that people can mourn a deceased loved one no matter where in the world they are at the time of the funeral (cache)

80% of Federal Agencies Flunk E-FOIA Test
According a report published today by the National Security Archive at George Washington University, only on in five government agencies complies with the 1997 law that requires them to make much public information available on the web and clearly post procedures for obtaining information and making so-called “sunshine requests” under the FOIA.
ur<x>l: (cache) (cache)

Humiliation and Child Abuse at Israeli Checkpoints
The Israeli policy appears to target only Christian and Muslim children, and is equally applied to those with Israeli citizenship and citizenship in other countries, including native-born Americans. There are no reports of Jewish children being strip-searched. (cache)

Lawyer: news outlet has escort list
A federal judge ruled Friday that a former escort service owner cannot sell phone records and other documents that could be used to publicly identify thousands of her clients. ADVERTISEMENT Palfrey’s civil attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley, said Friday he does not believe the judge’s order bars him from distributing copies of the phone records for free. (cache)

Inebriated crooks leave behind digital snapshots of themselves
It’s one thing to lose track of all the peripherals you need to gank whilst stealing a gaming console, but to leave behind digital snapshots of yourself at a crime scene is on an entirely different level of dumb. In a case filled with Darwin award nominees, a team of self-incriminating thieves managed to break into private property and jack about “$5,000 worth of expensive alcohol, inc (cache)

Environmentalist Gore allowed zinc mine
Al Gore has profited from zinc mining that has released millions of pounds of potentially toxic substances near his farmstead (cache)

Toddler ill from dad’s smallpox shot
A 2-year-old boy and his mother contracted a rare, life-threatening infection from his soldier father’s smallpox vaccination, according to a published report. (cache)

AT&T/Cingular blocks cellular customers from free conference call services
AT&T;/Cingular customers are starting to report that they can no longer make outgoing calls to a number of free conference calling services. Cingular confirmed to Ars that the company has begun to block these calls.
ur<x>l: (cache) (cache)

Global Warming: Moving Towards Metrosexuals
The latest point of emphasis in the global warming movement is that cattle farming endangers the planet by producing too much methane. So now, steaks and hamburgers are classified as instruments of destruction, along with large vehicles, lawn mowers, and charcoal grills. It can’t be much longer before cowboy movies, cigars and hockey are held to be enemies of the earth as well. (cache)

Computer tech wipes out info on $38 BILLION fund
Perhaps you know that sinking feeling when a single keystroke accidentally destroy hours of work. Now imagine wiping out a disc drive containing an account worth $38 billion. That may be how a computer technician at the Alaska Department of Revenue feels after deleting applicant information for an oil-funded sales account.
ur<x>l: (cache) (cache)

New fire boat sinks before going on its first run
The city’s $385,000, state-of-the-art fire boat sank Wednesday, still tied up at a dock and without ever being put to use. (cache)

Global Warming: Moving Towards Metrosexuals
The latest point of emphasis in the global warming movement is that cattle farming endangers the planet by producing too much methane. So now, steaks and hamburgers are classified as instruments of destruction, along with large vehicles, lawn mowers, and charcoal grills. It can’t be much longer before cowboy movies, cigars and hockey are held to be enemies of the earth as well.

Global Warming: Moving Towards Metrosexuals
By Daniel Clark
Mar 17, 2007 Bookmark and Share
The latest point of emphasis in the global warming movement is that cattle farming endangers the planet by producing too much methane. So now, steaks and hamburgers are classified as instruments of destruction, along with large vehicles, lawn mowers, and charcoal grills. It can’t be much longer before cowboy movies, cigars and hockey are held to be enemies of the earth as well.

This has got to be the most blatant assault on guyhood since ABC moved Coach to the same night as Roseanne, and turned Hayden Fox into Phil Donahue. It’s a wonder that liberals don’t cut to the chase, by simply claiming that global warming is caused by testosterone. Then, they could make public school nurses siphon the offending fluid from the boys during health class.

Many environmentalists believe that the earth is a living organism, personified by the Greek goddess Gaia. Conveniently, it turns out that Gaia is a shrew, who demands that her men be reduced to henpecked, metrosexual noodles. Manliness makes Gaia angry, and we wouldn’t like her when she’s angry, because she’ll turn into a green monster and start smashing everything to bits. Hell hath no fury like an earth goddess exposed to excessive cattle-produced methane emissions.

Wouldn’t it be more plausible if a few items like styling gel, latte makers and tofu were said to destroy the planet as well? Perhaps, but that would not serve the purpose of expanding the base of the global warming movement. Since no liberal cause can produce much support on its own, any one of them must ally itself with all other liberal causes, so that they can pool their resources.

That’s why it’s almost impossible to distinguish the original purpose of a left-wing political rally. What starts out being an ‘anti-war’ demonstration will invariably become an convention of environmentalists, gun control advocates, pro-abortionists, animal rights activists, racial Balkanists, and outright Communists, because that’s the only way to prevent the size of the crowd from being laughably small. Therefore, environmental alarmists must incorporate other causes within their own, in order to keep their core of support relatively large and energized. Clearly, they’ve determined their alliance with the feminists to be vital to these ends.

It’s not coincidental that the icon of the global warming movement is former vice president Al Gore, who, during the 2000 presidential campaign, sought advice from feminist author Naomi Wolf on how to become an “alpha male.” Needless to say, she did not suggest that he scarf down a steak sandwich while sitting behind the wheel of a riding mower. Instead, her solution was to dress him in earth tones, as if obsessing over his wardrobe was any way to attain guydom. Never is it manly to ask, “does this make my butt look big,” even if you want the answer to be yes.

For Wolf to tell Gore that he’d become an “alpha male” just by wearing the right clothing is a little like a mother patronizing her young child. She probably got the idea when Gore put a bucket over his head and said, “Look, Ms. Wolf, I’m an astronaut,” and she replied, “Yes, of course you are, dear.”

Images of global destruction being more powerful than images of normalcy and stability, Gore and friends are bound to win the competition for people’s emotions. Hence, they are now deterring any analysis of the issue, by calling skeptics “global warming deniers,” a not very subtle comparison to neo-Nazis. If we succumb to this intimidation like a bunch of namby-pamby rice cake eaters, the debate will be lost for good.

Thus, the global warming movement seeks to repress guyhood in order to perpetuate itself. If a guy is shown a picture of a sad-looking polar bear adrift on an ice floe, his first thought will be something like, “I’ve heard that bear steaks are tough, but maybe if you marinated them in beer, they’d turn out all right.” At that point, the alarmists’ emotional ploy is foiled. In a world without guy stuff, however, his vacant mind may be invaded by irrationalities like, “Who will take care of the
polar bears’ children?”

In this chicken-and-the-egg scenario, the success of the global warming movement is both the cause and effect of our society’s emasculation. It would have never gotten this far if the “Nineties Man” hadn’t paved the way. When “I feel your pain” became a successful presidential campaign slogan, we should have known that charcoal-grilled steaks would soon be on the endangered list.

Daniel Clark is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance.

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TiteBot #14 – Clinton, Gore, Giuliani, Les coliss d’artistes, Benjamin Fulford

time January 5th by Botrax

TiteBot #14. Pour DTF: la criminalité des Clintons et Giuliani, mauvaise science de Al Gore. Pour WakeUp: LES COLISS D’ARTISTES avec leur niaisage de subventions. Pour Craqué Mental: pourquoi je donne de la crédibilité à Benjamin Fulford (6 janvier 2009) TiteBot-0014.mp3 TiteBot-0014.m3u

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BotCast #36 – Modern Society Duality

time December 27th by Botrax

BotCast #36 Fogman nous grâce de sa présence encore une fois, et avec de l’information très juteuse en plus! Fogman nous explique par expérience comment il est possible d’augmenter l’économie d’essence de la voiture avec un projet maison pour le prix d’un jeu vidéo récent. Fogman nous présente aussi son droit invoqué, présenté à son représentant politique et explique en bonus la fraude comise par l’État avec les taxes de Bienvenu et autres taxes relliés à un nouvelle propriété. Fogman est en FEU! Pis on aime ça voir du monde botter des culs! Merci Fogman! ou pour écouter en surround. (Decembre 28 2008) BotCast-0036.mp3 BotCast-0036.m3u

Break: Nutman, “Duality”,
OutTro: Ryan C.C.Catch Cramer, “Modern Society” ,
Remerciements:,, Ultramarde et la Masserie Verdun.




Safety Deposit Boxes Confiscated
For my friends that are keeping their heirlooms, wills, gold/silver/colored diamonds etc in a bank safety deposit box: please be careful. ABC News reported on a number of states that confiscate the contents of boxes to help fund their budget. (cache)

Safety Deposit Boxes Confiscated
Posted on December 5, 2008 by Scott

For my friends that are keeping their heirlooms, wills, gold/silver/colored diamonds etc in a bank safety deposit box: please be careful. ABC News reported on a number of states that confiscate the contents of boxes to help fund their budget.

Even though the boxes were fully paid up and the owner HAD NOT MOVED they were seized as “abandoned.”

With California declaring a “fiscal emergency” a few days back do you think states will suddenly decide to stop this practice?

NOTE: ABC News has removed this video from YouTube. Right now you can still see the story and video here:

honeywell-safe1I bought one of these water-proof & fire-proof “mini-safes” at WalMart for $39.98. Then I stuffed it into a larger safe that has a “real” lock and is also fire rated. Did you know when you do this the fire rating numbers are additive? If both are fire rated for 90 minutes at X degrees the documents in the smaller safe are protected for 180 minutes at X degrees? Cool!

Another Cop Feels ‘Threatened’ and Kills Family Dog
The family says two children were watching, including a 2-year-old who was a foot away from the dog when it was shot. (cache)

Bush reported to be drinking heavily
(WMR) — With less than two months remaining in office, George W. Bush, witnessing a devastating defeat for the Republican Party, worse favorability ratings than those of Richard Nixon at the height of the Watergate scandal, and the most devastating economic situation since the Great Depression, is reported by a number of well-placed sources in Washington as drinking heavily.
After having tried to explain away the collapse of several Wall Street brokerage houses by saying, “Wall Street got drunk,” it appears that it is Bush who is suffering from bouts of drunkenness. (cache)

Did December 2nd Mark the Beginning of the End for Paper Currencies?
Well, since at least 1972, the price of gold futures has been higher than the spot price of gold – a condition called “contango” by futures traders.
But on December 2nd, for pretty much the first time ever, the futures price went below the spot price – what futures traders call “backwardation” – and has stayed there for several days.
Fekete argues that this means that gold owners are hoarding their gold and simply won’t sell, because (1) they’re not confident that they’ll be able to buy it back in the future, and (2) they have lost all faith in paper currency. (cache)

White House altered, deleted press releases on ‘coalition of the willing’
The White House altered documents regarding the nations involved in the so-called “Coalition of the Willing” that aided the US invasion of Iraq.
A University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign political science professor says he found that the White House had modified elements of its website dealing with the coalition and in some cases deleted key documents in the public record. (cache)

Britain Adopts Islamic Law, Gives Sharia Courts Full Power to Rule on Civil Cases
The government has quietly sanctioned the powers for sharia judges to rule on cases ranging from divorce and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence. (cache)

Laser beam hits WestJet pilot in the eye on Calgary takeoff
Transport Canada and police are investigating a complaint that a WestJet pilot was hit in the eye with a green laser beam while his plane was taking off from the Calgary airport, CBC News has learned. (cache)

Commentaires sur Darwin Got It Wrong and It’s Not What You’re Thinking par Botrax
Permit me to pause at this point and note the vanity and idiocy of those who demand that humans must conserve every species on Earth, no matter the cost involved.
EXACTEMENT ce que je pense, c’est ce que la nature a choisi. Si une espèce n’a plus sa place, il faut prendre une shitload de photos et de vidéos et le laisser disparaître.
Cette idée s’applique aussi au Français et à tous les caves qui font ce qu’ils peuvent pour sauver une langue et une culture qui n’a peut être pas sa place dans le futur.
Ce sont ces idéologues retardés qui ont peur du changement et de l’évolution naturelle qui câlissent toujours des bâtons dans les roues de tout le monde et décolissent tout.
Aussi, il y a des élites qui ont une religion fanatique basée sur la nature, pour la protéger à tout prix. Je ne me souviens pas du nom, mais c’est maladif leur affaire. Tout pour la terre et nous réduire en population, nous taxer, nous contrôler.
Qu’ils se montrent la face, je vais leur faire une sélection naturelle de ma part.

Solar car finishes first round-the-world trip
POZNAN, Poland – The first solar-powered car to travel around the world ended its journey at the U.N. climate talks Thursday, arriving with the message that clean technologies are available now to stop global warming. (cache)

9-year-old author reveals secrets of picking up girls
Forget the psychologists and relationship experts, guys. If you really want to know how to meet girls, snuggle up to a clever little book written by 9-year-old love guru Alec Greven. (cache)

Ultramarde, parce qu’on aime vous crosser et vous faire chier en vous faisant payer 50 cennes pour de l’air, et juste assez de temps pour gonfler deux pneus sur quatre.

Analysis: Skeptics renew climate debate
More than 80 percent of U.S. climate scientists believe human activity is contributing to climate change, according to a poll conducted by the Statistical Assessment Service at George Mason University in April.
Beliefs on the extent it will harm the Earth, however, still vary. (cache)

Nuclear Power Plant Data Leaked Via Virus-Infected PC, Posted on Net
Data on safety inspections of four Japanese nuclear power plants have been posted on the Internet, having apparently been leaked from a virus-infected personal computer of an employee of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, the agency said Friday.
The leaked data include reports on inspections between 2000 and 2002 and data on the operational status of nuclear plants in Fukui, Niigata, Shizuoka and Kagoshima prefectures, according to the agency, a unit under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. (cache)

17 judges, one ruling – and 857,000 records must be now wiped clear
The fingerprints and DNA samples of more than 857,000 innocent citizens who have been arrested or charged but never convicted of a criminal offence now face deletion from the national DNA database after a landmark ruling by the European court of human rights in Strasbourg. (cache)

Lost Votes on Diebold System Discovered by New ‘Transparency Project’ in CA
Humboldt County’s First-of-Its-Kind Citizen Oversight Program Finds 197 Ballots Dropped, Miscounted by Voting System in One Precinct
Company Knew About Software Flaw, Failed to Notify County… (cache)

BitTorrent Site Pwns Anti-Piracy Outfit
Anti-piracy organizations are known for their excellent lobbying skills. However, knowledge of the Internet and technology doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite. Recently the Lithuanian anti-piracy outfit changed its name, but forgot to register the new domain. It now belongs to the owner of one of the largest BitTorrent sites in the country.

Inside Operation Highlander: the NSA’s Wiretapping of Americans Abroad
A top secret NSA wiretapping facility in Georgia accused of spying on Americans illegally was hastily staffed with inexperienced reservists in the months following September 11, where they worked under conflicting orders and with little supervision, according to three former workers at the spy complex. (cache)

Masserie Verdun
Chez les Grosses Masseuses en groupe Yolanda, Rosanne et Ginette, venez vous faire masser longtemps par trois grosses femmes en meme temps. Chez nous, on masse en masse, en masse et en masse!

Ky. atheists want God out of homeland security
FRANKFORT, Kentucky – A group of atheists filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to remove part of a state anti-terrorism law that requires Kentucky’s Office of Homeland Security to acknowledge it can’t keep the state safe without God’s help. (cache)

Italian judge suspends trial of CIA agents
MILAN, Italy – An Italian judge has suspended a kidnapping trial linked to the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program after the government said testimony could be a threat to Italy’s national security. (cache)

Some tested Tasers fire stronger current than company says: CBC/Radio-Canada probe
The abnormal X26 model Tasers were manufactured before 2005, prompting some scientists to suggest police should stop using any older versions of the stun guns until they can be tested. (cache)

Milwaukee neighborhoods could print own money
Experts estimate there are at least 2,000 local currencies all over the world—but it is a practice that tends to burgeon during economic downturns. During the Great Depression, scores of communities relied on their own currencies.
And it’s completely legal.,0,2902061.story (cache)

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TiteBot #13 – SUPER LIQUIDATION fin 2008

time December 25th by Botrax

TiteBot #13. SUPER LIQUIDATION fin 2008. J’ai trop d’histoires à liquider, je vous en lis 23 vieilles en 15 minutes. MP3SURROUND (26 décembre 2008) TiteBot-0013.mp3 TiteBot-0013.m3u

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BotCast #35 – Imaginary Woman Struck by Boredom

time December 16th by Botrax

BotCast #35 On vous fait une historique de la Federal Reserve americaine, et ne te monte pas le plus gros bateau cargo du monde. Les enfants du Nebraska, la censure de periode d’election, les agents de propagande payes par Big Pharma, des singes dans l’economie qui font degringoler la Chine. ou to listen in surround. (Decembre 16 2008) BotCast-0035.mp3 BotCast-003.m3u

Break: Chromag, “Struck by Boredom”
OutTro: Blackstar & Trixal, “Imaginary Woman”
Remerciements:,, l’Institut Cunilinguistinque Provinciale et les Grosse Petrolieres.

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(MP3) Botrax à EDDNP #51 – Joyeux Temps des Fêtes! (12 décembre 2008)

time December 12th by Botrax

EDDNP Emission #51 – Joyeux Temps des Fêtes! ENFIN!! C’est le grand débarras de fin d’année et on liquide toute la cochonnerie pas vendable comme Stéphane Dion! Nous voici à notre dernier voyage de l’année et ça tombe bien car on en a justement plein notre truck! En compagnie de Mr. M, Mr. G, Mr. A et notre Special Guest Botrax, on close l’année et on déballe les dossiers qui sont pas des cadeaux : Retour sur les élections provinciales – on se retrouve avec un beau sapin et une grosse dinde pour 4 ans – Les arbres des Fêtes qui remplace les sapins de noël, les sectes religieuses de brainwashé en plein essor – On parle avec Kraken’s de la crise économique dans le monde du Gaming – Grill Duceppe se garoche au téléphone pour monter son “Spin de Nowel” – Quelques Petites Brèves et chronique de show Extrême pour swingner la bacaisse pendant les fêtes… Sans oublier ZHE FOSSE spécial Criss-mast, une avalanche de quétaine emballé dans du splendide papier cul ! La question de la…


[wpfilebase tag=file path=’EDDNP/EDDNP_Emission_51_20081212.mp3′ /]

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BotCast #34 – Security of the Person (For a New World Escape)

time December 1st by Botrax

BotCast #34 Robert-Arthur: Ménard speaks about the Security of the Person mentioned in the Canadian Bill of Rights. The Security of the Person is a tangible financial instrument that is your financial share in the corporation of Canada and you have a right to have full control over this security and it’s dividends.. ou to listen in surround. (December 1st 2008) BotCast-0034.mp3 BotCast-0034.m3u

Break: Frank Klepacki, “Escape”
OutTro: Victor “Awesome” Vergera, “For a New World”
Remerciements:,, and

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