Thank you Diggnation

time February 10th by Botrax

Thank you Diggnation.

As I’m finishing up on Part 2 of the Diggnation finale, I find myself emotional about the end of Diggnation, and I want to share some thoughts, thanks and recognition for your influence in my own audio podcasting.

As I have learned by my own podcasting experience, do not underestimate the influence you may have. I started podcasting in October 2006, largely inspired by a good friend to do so, and also Diggnation for re-inforced inspiration. Over the years it turns out that I myself have inspired others to do what I do, give them drive and support in conspiracy-fact type of audio productions that can be difficult to sustain against mainstream criticism, especially in a French market where this type of production was practically non-existent. Now we have a network of podcasters and are creating a startup out of our hobby to be able to live from it. All this inspiration is contagious, and you have indirectly influenced others without even knowing it, and it will continue through me, others i have inspired and others still… Diggnation’s spirit will live on through us all.

Diggnation has also inspired me to drink while presenting my own articles of serious discussion on the show, be natural, get a co-host to bounce ideas off of, and format my show in a particular manner. Although my show has very different content from Diggnation, there are still a few noticeable ideas that I have implemented from Diggnation from the start, that were still valid for my content.

Thank you for the laughs, the inspiration, the ideas and the good times over the years when I was travelling or just at home.

Now, as I am engaging in new endeavours I do not have time anymore to watch Diggnation, to focus on more constructive viewings and creative activities. Therefore, the end of Diggnation has perfect timing for me.

As we say on our own podcast network: “Respect aux podcasts”, which translates to “Respect to podcasts”.

Recognition is important. This entry is my expression of recognition towards Diggnation.

As I shed some real tears……Thank you Diggnation.

It was fun…. Oh my……

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