The Brick store cannot deliver an undamaged new fridge

time April 28th by Botrax

A new fridge was Bought at The Brick. The fridge was shipped out with damage to both sides. Apparently, from where it is sent, it was squeezed on the sides to load it up on the delivery truck that brings it to the home.

They offer 50$ refund for the damage, or you can refuse delivery so they can send an undamaged one. Delivery was accepted because a functional fridge was needed, and the old fridge was defective, not keeping the food cold. Later it was decided that the fridge will be returned to have an undamaged one shipped instead.

The second fridge sent to the home was also damaged. Delivery guy says that it is common to receive damaged refrigerators, and it could take 2 to 3 deliveries before getting an undamaged fridge. He has seen this with different companies as well. It was then decided that The Brick cannot deliver a brand new fridge that is undamaged.  Some other friends have had this problem with The Brick appliance deliveries. Asking the delivery guy if this kind of practice hurts business, he says he doesn’t care as he is a delivery contractor for The Brick, he gets paid anyways. Wondering now why The Brick accepts such wasted energy, money and time in their process.

If the fridge is going to be damaged, it might as well be second hand. The fridge has now been returned to The Brick for full refund, and a used fridge for a lesser cost was bought elsewhere.

Fuck The Brick for wasting customer’s time by sending damaged goods, two times. Food in the fridge has been taken out and put back in 3 times. Great way to keep food fresh while waiting for delivery truck to pick up the fridge from the home, as they ask that the fridge is empty and unplugged when they get there. On the day they came to pick-up the fridge to take it back, they called to say they would be there in an hour. The fridge was then emptied and unplugged. 4 hours after the call, still nobody to pick up the fridge, food still all over the kitchen, outside of the fridge. Turns out, they had issues with other deliveries, and did not even call to advise of the tardiness. It’s the kind of information that is relevant to know when you food is splayed all over the place, waiting for a new cold fridge to be in. Frozen goods are in coolers with ice packs, but still.

Is there a ploy at at The Brick to attempt to pass on damaged goods with surprise rebates to the customers? Why ship damaged goods? Are there no inspections before the truck leaves with damaged goods? There is definitely a handling issue, and a non-existent quality assurance process.

Delivering an undamaged fridge is not hard. Fuck The Brick for terrible business practices.


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